NVidia to design new GPU for Sony

Speculation rife on new chip due for delivery in 2007

Steve Malone
27 Mar 2006

Graphics chip specialist NVidia has revealed that it has received a contract from electronics giant Sony to come up with a new graphics processor.

Marv Burkett, NVidia's chief financial officer told financial analysts. 'We have new contracts with Sony to do some further designs'. The design for the new part is due to be delivered to Sony in 2007. However, he would not be drawn further on what those designs might be, leading to a wave of speculation about what it might be.

The company is already a close partner of Sony. NVidia is the company behind the RSX graphics chip that will appear in the PlayStation 3. However, given that the PS3 is due to debut at the end of this year, the new design is unlikely to be the successor to the games console this early in the development cycle.

Speculation has therefore turned to either a custom chip for the Sony Viao range or the next version of the Playstation Portable (PSP). Although it is perhaps too soon for a new PSP the latter may be the more likely, or at least some new PDA device.

Last month NVidia announced a GPU for handheld devices and it is this expertise which is more likely to have roused Sony's interest.

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