Dell to launch sub $500 notebook - report

New entry-level range, due early 2007, will be powered by AMD processors and feature 15.4in and 17in displays

Steve Malone
26 Oct 2006

Dell is preparing to launch a new range of notebooks costing under $500 according to reports. The new range is said to be powered by processors from AMD.

Taiwanese news site Digitimes quotes notebook manufacturers in the Far East as saying that the new range is likely to be launched next month.

Prices will range from between $449 to $499 for a 15.4-inch model and a 17-inch model, with machines likely to arrive in the first quarter of 2007. If the price points are right, the AMD chips are likely to be from the Sempron range rather than the top of the line Turion processors although the companies may yet surprise us.

Up to around 500,000 units have been ordered, which apparently has put a strain on AMD's manufacturing capacity. However, both AMD and Dell will be very keen to see the machines succeed and cement their partnership.

Dell, which was recently knocked off its perch as number one PC manufacturer will want to regain momentum and prove it can come up with great products. AMD, which has only 15 per cent of the market for processor notebooks, will be looking for a breakthrough against Intel's dominant position.

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