McAfee issues phishing challenge

McAfee's quiz gives your phishing knowledge a workout

18 Jul 2007

Think you know your onions when it comes to internet security? We'd all like to think so, especially when it comes to phishing websites, which are designed to fool people newbies, idiots and grandma after a couple of glasses of dry sherry.

But anti-virus specialist McAfee thinks that most users could do with a spot of education and it has posted a 10 question quiz on its website to prove it.

"Whether it's rockphishing, or Flash phish, or MySpace scams, phishing continues to evolve and ensnare both the ignorant - the people who don't know better - and the arrogant - the people who should know better," McAfee says on it website.

Earlier questionnaires on the subject of spyware and spam revealed that less than 60 per cent of us have enough knowledge to keep us safe online. 120,000 people have taken up the challenge so far.

We'd like to think PC Pro readers are a little better than that, but there's only one way to prove it...

Try it out and let us know how you did using the comments below. No cheating now!

McAffee's phishing quiz can be found here

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