Real Networks hails EU judge's ruling against Microsoft

Company welcomes 'victory for the consumer' and looks to fill the gap left by Windows Media Player on the desktop

Steve Malone
22 Dec 2004

Real Networks, as the only company still participating in the Commission's action against Microsoft, was understandably pleased that Judge Bo Vesterdorf dismissed Redmond's actions, claiming that 'The court's denial of Microsoft's appeal is a great victory for the Commission and for the Consumer.'

Dave Stewart, Real Networks' Deputy General Counsel told us 'The Commission has laid down an important precedent. In future Microsoft should provide for full operability in all relevant areas allowing competitors to interoperate with Microsoft's dominant server and client products'

Real will now be trying to take the place of Windows Media Player in the affections of Europe's Windows users. 'We will be making every effort to try and realise the goals of the Commission's actions,' said Stewart. 'We will be working with OEMs to try and get our product included on Windows computers.'

Stewart was adamant that Real was committed to seeing the case through to the end even though many of the organisations siding with the Commission, such as Sun and Novell, had withdrawn from the action. 'We will continue to support the Commission in its legal proceedings with Microsoft,' he said.

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