Asus releases development kit for Eee PC

Eee PC manufacturer wants more development on Xandros platform

Stuart Turton
28 Mar 2008

Asus has released a software development kit for its diminutive Eee PC, as it seeks to proliferate apps for its Xandros Linux operating system.

While the logic of a software development kit for an open-source platform may escape some, Asus wants to see more applications that can be added to the "easy mode" interface.

The SDK utilises a development environment called Eclipse, and supports coding in C and C++. The guide also walks novice coders through the early steps of code writing and designing, including the creation of icons and installation packages for distribution.

The SDK comes as a 1.2GB disc image that can be downloaded from The user guide is also available as a separate PDF.

The release of the SDK may provide reassurance for the Linux community that Asus is still committed to the operating system, following Asus's recent assertion that around 60% of Eee PC sales in 2008 will be Windows-based.

However, if Asus really wants to encourage development for the Eee PC it should probably start be ensuring people can actually buy one, with recent reports suggesting 70% of orders are unfulfilled.

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