Samsung unfolds OLED phone

Samsung shows off clamshell OLED phone at tech festival

Stuart Turton
24 Nov 2008

Samsung has revealed a concept mobile phone, featuring a fold-out organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display.

Samsung demonstrated the smartphone at the FPD International technology show in Yokohama, offering a glimpse of how it sees OLED technology evolving.

The phone initially looks like a 5in touchscreen mobile internet device, but folds in half to become a mobile phone. The device suggests a neat halfway house between something that is easily carryable, but also offers the "the full internet experience" so long touted by manufacturers.

There's no word on when the phone might hit the market, or what specifications are likely to be powering the phone. However, OLED displays are increasingly en vogue due to their low power consumption, small form factor and better screen quality. At the moment, high-development costs have slowed their uptake.

Samsung is not the only company toying with fold-out displays. Philips is currently working on a mobile phone with an inbuilt E Ink screen, which can be used to read eBooks, emails and surf the internet.

Watch the phone in action.

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