Surface finally touches UK

Microsoft has confirmed that its impressive Surface technology will debut in the UK

Stuart Turton
3 Mar 2009

Microsoft's Surface has arrived in the UK, with a number of interesting applications in tow.

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Surface is a 30in touchscreen table that allows people to move objects on the screen with their fingers.

Surface appeared two years ago in the US and Canada, and has already been employed by the Sheraton Hotel Group and the Caesars casino chain. Since launch, Microsoft claims it has found 120 application development partners.

Among the more interesting of these software partnerships is medical software that allows doctors and patients to interact with medical records, including x-rays and scans, allowing them to zoom into specific sections and annotate records.

The Sheraton chain uses Surface tables as a self-check in service, giving guests the option to simple tap their credit card on the table to register. With the card on the table guests can also access book-in information, local guides or hotel services.

"Since our initial launch of Microsoft Surface, we have received an overwhelming response from companies worldwide looking for innovative ways to engage with their customers, and developers who want to create applications that were not possible with other technologies," says Panos Panay, general manager of Microsoft Surface.

Surface costs around £10,000, though, so it's not going to make a nice replacement for the coffee table in your home.

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