Android-powered netbooks all the rage in 2009

Analysts predict that 2009 will see the beginning of Android's dominance of netbooks

Stuart Turton
19 Mar 2009

Analysts are predicting that Android-powered netbooks could begin to make a serious dent in 2009.

Netbooks have undoubtedly been the hot technology of the last eighteen months, but manufacturers have increasingly looked to bulk them up with bigger screens and more powerful components, moving them ever closer to their more fully-featured laptops.

Ovum believes the emergence of Android is set to reverse the trend. According to the analysis firm, 2009 will mark the dawn of the "no frills, sub-$200 netbooks" equipped with Android.

The theory goes that these basic netbooks will offer limited functionality out of the box, but will allow users to tailor the netbook to their own needs using Google's new paid-for apps marketplace.

"Google strengthened its position with the February 2009 announcement that it will now allow developers to charge for applications on Android Market," the company says in a statement, adding that the online store will be "key to the success" of Android-powered netbooks.

"From that perspective, Android benefits from increasing support from developers/ISVs [independent software vendors]," the company adds.

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