Google recommends Windows Live for search

Tim Danton
4 Oct 2006

Type 'search' into Google, press 'I'm feeling lucky' and you could be in for a big surprise - suddenly, Google is transformed into Windows Live.

This is all rather convenient, as Microsoft has only just launched Windows Live and no doubt is desperate for publicity to tear people away from their favourite browser.

As any self-respecting web user knows, Google uses its PageRank algorithm (among other things) to make sure its results are as accurate as possible, and that relies on the popularity of sites in terms of how many other sites link to them.

We can't quite imagine that Windows Live is yet more linked to than Google, so some skulduggery must surely be afoot. Although, come to think of it, wouldn't it be rather odd if you put 'search' into Google and the first page you saw was Google?

In a touching piece of symmetry, if you type 'search' into Windows Live then the site topping its list is... Google.

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