So Dell, is Ubuntu safer than Windows or not?

Dell claims "Ubuntu is safer than Windows" - then appears to change its mind

Barry Collins
16 Jun 2010

Dell appears to be back-tracking on a claim made on its website that Ubuntu is safer than Windows.

The PC maker's website contained a page listing the "top 10 things you should know about Ubuntu". At number six was the eyebrow-raising claim that "Ubuntu is safer than Windows".

"The vast majority of viruses and spyware written by hackers are not designed to target and attack Linux," Dell stated to back up its claim.

Dell's proclamation was immediately picked up on by bloggers and news aggregators such as, no doubt attracting the attention of Microsoft's PR machine.

This morning, Dell appears to have taken down the Ubuntu page, although a copy of the original site (PDF) was saved by The VAR Guy website, in case Dell decided to pull it.

When PC Pro asked Dell what it's official position on the relative merits of Ubuntu and Windows were, a company spokesperson replied: "With regards to the information cited on the Ubuntu page on Dell’s website, it is not Dell’s intention to recommend one OS over another, but instead to offer some educational facts that may be of interest to customers considering a system with Ubuntu pre-installed."

"Dell has offered select consumer systems with Ubuntu for more than two years, in response to customer demand. Microsoft is a strategic partner for Dell, and together we are committed to creating a great PC experience that delivers easy and quick connectivity, immersive entertainment, and robust productivity options."

Dell has been one of the most high profile backers of Ubuntu, offering the operating system as a pre-installed option on a selection of its PCs since 2007.

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