Mozilla pays out $40,000 for web bugs

New website security programme appears to be a success

Nicole Kobie
28 Jan 2011

Mozilla has paid out $40,000 in the past month for bugs on its websites and in its apps.

Last month, the open-source developer said it would extend its bug bounty programme beyond its Firefox browser.

Since then, it's paid out a whopping $40,000 for vulnerabilities found on sites such as as well as some applications. The maximum payout is $3,000 for "extraordinary" flaws, with high severity bugs earning $500.

"Thanks to all the bug submitters for their contributions; the program has been a great success," said Chris Lyon, director of infrastructure security, on the Mozilla security blog.

"Beyond the monetary rewards, we sent Mozilla T-shirts to an additional 23 people who submitted security bugs that did not qualify for the web bug bounty," he added. "We are in the process of triage for the next round of payments and more should be going out soon."

However, Mozilla has yet to reveal what security flaws were flagged up. "We will make the resolved bugs public shortly as these issues are no longer a threat to the community and our users," Lyon added.

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