Hackers accuse Pastebin of censorship

Hacker anger over plans to self censor sensitive material

Stewart Mitchell
3 Apr 2012

Hackers have accused a website of censorship after it announced plans to monitor what users post.

Pastebin allows users to post text anonymously and share the link for others to see. The service has been frequented by hacktivists because of its apparent laissez-faire attitude, and has been used by Anonymous to post statements - as well as passwords, emails and other personal details harvested during data breaches.

The BBC reported earlier this week that Pastebin's Dutch owner Jeroen Vader was planning to hire staff to monitor the site and remove sensitive data, but the plans have prompted a fierce backlash from users.

Anonymous has started recommending alternatives and said hackers will opt out of the service. “Centralised Pasting is bad, there goes 90% of Pastebin's web traffic,” posted one Anonymous Twitter feed.

Pastebin said it was trying to clean up its service following a wave of DDoS attacks that had left the service struggling throughout February.

But Anonymous cautioned its users, saying the company could supply officials with IP addresses that could be used to track down hackers, with posters claiming Vader had "turned to the dark side".

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