OCZ Vector review

OCZ's drive isn't far behind its nearest rival, but it's a little too expensive to topple the Samsung

Mike Jennings
8 Mar 2013
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The OCZ Vector is the first drive from the Californian company to use an entirely homegrown Indilinx controller. It's called the Barefoot 3, and it's exclusive to this SSD - OCZ has now purchased Indilinx.

It's an ARM-powered chip, and it's partnered with 25nm MLC NAND flash. The components are is wrapped up in the smartest, strongest-feeling enclosure we've seen used for an SSD. OCZ includes a 2.5in-to-3.5in bracket in the box, and it’s supplied with a five-year warranty.

OCZ Vector

The Vector’s AS SSD sequential read and write results of 521MB/sec and 503MB/sec are a sliver behind the ]a href="/reviews/380455/samsung-840-pro"]Samsung 840 Pro[/a], and it was a similar story with 4K file performance: the Vector’s 27MB/sec read score was pipped by the Samsung’s 37MB/sec result, and the OCZ drive wrote at 110MB/sec – only slightly worse than the Samsung’s 122MB/sec. The pattern was repeated in CrystalDiskMark, with the Vector behind in sequential and small file-read tests; it closed the gap when writing small files, however.

With such similar scores to the Samsung, it’s value for money that decides the overall winner. The Vector isn’t far behind the 840 Pro in performance terms, but its slightly higher price knocks it into second place.

Price when reviewed 
190(£158 exc VAT)


Capacity 256GB
Hard disk usable capacity 238GB
Hard disk type SSD

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