Belinea 10 17 35 review

Cheap, and there are some interesting features. But quality is average and the 10 17 35 can't beat the Relisys for value.

Nick Ross
17 Feb 2005
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Belinea, a subsidiary of German computing giant Maxdata, has always prided itself on its budget TFTs: the 10 17 35 is a 'top-end' model but costs only £152. For that you get a reasonably stylish silver bezel, speakers and a headphone socket, a stand with 60mm height adjustment and, most remarkably of all, pivot capability. The latter is unheard of at this price and could alone constitute a reason for buying it.

The speakers are loud enough but, as usual, the sound was tinny. However, volume buttons work well and we liked the dedicated Mute button too. Other nice features include a headphone jack at the back, but there's no cable tidy for the DVI-D, D-SUB and power connectors. While it won't affect many people it should be noted that the VESA bracket on the back is rotated 45 to normal, which could cause problems - or be a useful feature. The OSD is simple to access and use but there are only a limited number of adjustments available.

The 10 17 35 started brightly in our tests, scoring full marks in fine focus, pixel tracking and green and white colour purities. It also displayed a good black screen, with only a faint backlight glow appearing at the top. It did well in the colour combinations and only slipped slightly when displaying green on cyan and green on white. However, we saw a slight bluish tinge in the colour-tracking test where it should have been displaying pure grey.

The Belinea's performance was mediocre in the white- and grey-level saturation tests: four bright shades of white merged completely into the background while five dark squares went black too soon. Minor banding in the green and white bars blighted the colour-ramp tests but the range of shades was good. But banding worsened in the dark areas of the greyscale ramp and the range bottomed out noticeably early. In the colour scales, magenta and blue topped out a little early and noticeable stepping in colour transitions blighted the colour spectrum test.

The 10 17 35 performed acceptably in our real-world tests, though. The game was perfectly playable, though colours were slightly washed out in the movie. Viewing angles were passable, if not as good as the rest, there was no ghosting and the lack of reflectivity was a boon. It wasn't the clearest in 2D applications, though, with some colours washing out beside bright white text.

While it may be cheap, there are better monitors out there. The Belinea will satisfy undemanding users, but the only reason for choosing it over the Relisys amounts to whether or not you want the height adjustment and pivot features.

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