Contour+ review

Doesn't have the quality of rivals, but this lightweight camera is a tempting, feature-packed cycle camera

15 Feb 2012
Price when reviewed 

A day on the trails can be great fun, but it’s even better if you can relive the best bits at the end of your ride. Step forward the ludicrously-advanced, almost stupidly feature-packed Contour+ helmet camera.

Not only does this video camera include a 170˚ wide-angle lens and full 1080p video capture, it also packs a GPS radio that records your position alongside the video track.

Use the bundled Contour Storyteller software to upload video from the camera’s memory (it comes with a 2GB microSD card for storage), and when you play it back you’ll see your track overlaid onto Google Maps in an inset window, with your position updated as the video progresses.


That’s not all. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to position the camera and adjust various settings using a free smartphone app (available for both Android and iOS) – a cracking idea.

Quality isn’t quite as good as the superb GoPro HD Hero 2, and there aren’t as many shooting options. Its tough aluminium case looks great but is only “water resistant” – you have to buy an extra case to make it fully waterproof.

It’s still a great camera, though, plus its lighter weight means it’s more comfortable for side-mounting than the Go Pro, and therefore more suitable for cyclists.

Price when reviewed 
499(£500 inc VAT)

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