Google strips back Samsung Galaxy S4 to pure Android

Google unveils a version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 running pure Jelly Bean

Nicole Kobie
15 May 2013

Google will offer a version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock Android, stripping out the additions made by the handset maker.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 features its TouchWiz skin and a host of apps added by the manufacturer, such as translation and photo management, that replace Google's own.

At Google's I/O conference, the company said it would sell a version of the handset with the standard version of Android, without Samsung's additions - making it look and feel more like Google's Nexus line of handsets.

The handset will also be entirely unlocked and get system updates "promptly", Google promised.

It will arrive on Google's Play store on 26 June for $649 - compared to $849 for the original version at BestBuy.

The move was greeted by whoops and applause from the developers at I/O - which may not come as a surprise as our own reviewer was "not convinced by TouchWiz’s busy looks and bold colours".

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