Samsung SpinPoint F1 (640GB) review

Good performance, an improved specification and excellent value.

Mike Jennings
29 Apr 2009
Price when reviewed 

Samsung's 500GB SpinPoint F1 may disappoint, but the 640GB version is far more promising. There's a healthier 16MB cache, and the two 320GB platters offer vastly improved performance over the two 250GB platters of the smaller drive.

The 640GB SpinPoint managed an impressive 91.4MB/sec in our read test with an access time of 13ms - a result that was only beaten by a couple of other drives this month. File writing was no problem either, with the 81.7MB/sec speed and 3ms access time impressing.

A burst speed of 217.8MB/sec is reasonably quick and an average sequential read speed of 96.3MB/sec is far better than the 500GB drive's 67.6MB/sec result - although the Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 640GB disk was quicker still.

The 640GB SpinPoint offers good value for money: at £46, it's actually a penny per gigabyte cheaper than the 500GB drive. It's also far cheaper than the equivalent Seagate drive, and so well worth consideration.

Price when reviewed 
53(£53 inc VAT)


Capacity 640GB
Hard disk usable capacity 595GB
Hard disk type Mechanical
Cache size 16MB
Spindle speed 7,200RPM
Seek time (ms) 14ms
Cost per gigabyte 7.7p

Noise and power

Idle power consumption 8W

Performance tests

HD Tach burst speed 217.8MB/sec
HD Tach random access speed 13.5ms
HD Tach average sequential read speed 96.3MB/sec

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