Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 (750GB) review

Unpredictable performance and poor value ruin this Seagate.

Mike Jennings
29 Apr 2009
Price when reviewed 

Seagate varies its specifications more than any other manufacturer. The 640GB Barracuda boasts two platters and a 32MB cache; this 750GB drive has four 188GB platters but only 16MB of buffer, resulting in predictably reduced performance.

Average read and write speeds of 82.8MB/sec and 77.4MB/sec respectively saw the 750GB Barracuda lurching towards the bottom of our results table, and seek times of 17ms and 5ms were also average.

Its burst speed of 114.2MB/sec was half that of the fastest drives, with most of the field scoring more than 200MB/sec, although the 16ms random access time and 87.4MB/sec average sequential read speed were respectable enough.

Performance is coupled with a high price of £65 exc VAT (and a high cost per gigabyte of 9.3p), which makes this Barracuda an unpalatable proposition. Other 750GB drives - such as the Samsung SpinPoint F1 - offer better performance and value, and are far worthier choices.


Hard disk usable capacity698GB
Hard disk typeMechanical
Cache size16MB
Spindle speed7,200RPM
Seek time (ms)16ms
Cost per gigabyte9.3p

Noise and power

Idle power consumption10W

Performance tests

HD Tach burst speed114.2MB/sec
HD Tach random access speed16.0ms
HD Tach average sequential read speed87.4MB/sec

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