Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 (1.5TB) review

Cheap and fast - the Seagate is an excellent high-capacity choice.

Mike Jennings
29 Apr 2009
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After the 2TB Caviar Green, this is the largest disk on test this month - and alongside the cavernous amount of space, provided as four 375GB platters, is a 32MB cache.

Cramming so much storage into such a small space didn't seem to slow down the Seagate. An average read speed of 99.1MB/sec and write speed of 84.5MB/sec placed the Barracuda second on our performance leader board. Access times weren't spectacular, though - a file-write seek time of 7ms lagged behind many of the other drives here.

Nevertheless, other benchmarks were encouraging. The burst speed of 231.3MB/sec was one of the best results this month, and an average sequential read speed of 104.9MB/sec was the fastest of all the Seagate drives.

Also impressive is the price: at 7p/GB the Seagate offers the best value this month. Couple this with its rapid performance and it's clear that this is one of the best high-capacity storage options available.


Hard disk usable capacity1.39TB
Hard disk typeMechanical
Cache size32MB
Spindle speed7,200RPM
Seek time (ms)16ms
Cost per gigabyte7.0p

Noise and power

Idle power consumption9W

Performance tests

HD Tach burst speed231.3MB/sec
HD Tach random access speed15.7ms
HD Tach average sequential read speed104.9MB/sec

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