Google helps businesses run legacy apps with Chrome

Google is offering an extension on Chrome for businesses to enable them to access IE-reliant sites

Shona Ghosh
18 Apr 2013

Google has unveiled a Chrome extension for businesses that lets them revert to an older browser for any custom apps that won’t run on newer browsers.

The move appears to be a dig at Microsoft, with Google targeting the update not just at the aging Internet Explorer 6, but any version up to IE10, though users are reporting trouble installing the extension in Windows 8.

The update allows IT managers to list any sites that are only compatible with "legacy" browsers and add them to an exclusion list. These sites will automatically launch into an alternate browser, specifically Internet Explorer, when accessed by employees. The rest of the time, staff can use Chrome.

Google noted that sites that depend on custom ActiveX controls or other older web standards would likely require an alternative browser.

"When companies use browsers that are two or more versions old, employees and developers are unable to benefit from the incredible web innovations of the past four, or even ten years," said Chrome for business and education product manager Cyrus Mistry.

Google also added more cloud-based controls for administrators, meaning employees can now log into their apps from work or home devices.

The update comes as businesses wrestle with the move from XP after Microsoft announced it would pull the plug on support next year, with Google hoping to step in as a viable alternative.

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