TuneJack review

Apple's legendary music player can make an uneasy PC companion - but there are some tools to make life easier.

Davey Winder
18 Sep 2007
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If you have an iPod, chances are you've also installed iTunes and watched as it's collided with your music collection. But it doesn't have to be that way - no matter what Apple may have you believe, the two aren't joined at the hip.

If you just want a little peace of mind that your digital music collection will still be there should something unexpected happen to either your iPod, iTunes or the PC itself, TuneJack is for you. It's a utility that makes the recovery of songs from an iPod a simple process. You can't select specific tracks to copy, but the lack of bells and whistles is compensated for by sheer ease of use. TuneJack also works well when transferring songs from one PC to another, one iPod to another, and from an iPod to PC. Best of all, it prevents iTunes from deleting the contents of an iPod when it's lost the songs itself. It costs only £5, too, although there's no option for free download before you buy.

Price when reviewed 
10(£5 approx)

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