32 best Windows 10 apps of 2015

We’ve searched the app store to bring you the best apps of 2015 for Windows 10

10 Sep 2015

With Windows 10 settling into systems across the globe, it’s time to delve into the Windows Store and pick out the essential apps for 2015 (so far). From entertainment to productivity, we’ve trawled through the categories and rounded up a selection of apps you shouldn’t be without.

This article will be updated over the coming weeks and months. If you have any apps that you think deserve a place in our chart, get in touch using the comments section below or via Twitter @alphrdotcom.

Best Windows 10 apps: News and information



Apple may be after Flipboard’s blood with its News app, but this is still one of the best ways to curate and organise your reading. Browse articles, photos and videos with a few easy swipes, then build your own magazines with articles taken from different publications and share with friends via Facebook and Twitter. (Free)

News Republic

Apps that aggregate news are ten a penny these days. Some are good, some are average and some are terrible. This is a good’un. Why? Because it recognises that content is king. It brings in news from the major publishers and learns what sort of news you like, as well as which services are your favourites. (Free)



With no sign of a Sky Sports app on Windows 8 devices, it’s up to rival ESPN to bring us our football news and scores, and this quickly improving app does a fantastic job. You can select favourite teams for quick updates, view the latest results and tables from pretty much every major league of interest around the world, as well as European competitions, and it also has some nice feature articles from the ESPN writers. (Free)



The Wikipedia app provides a convenient way to browse the people’s encyclopedia, particularly on tablet devices. The app’s homescreen highlights featured images and articles of the day, allowing you to dip into completely random topics. (Free)



Navigating the morass of news, memes and endless discussion threads that comprises Reddit is no mean feat, but the Redditting client does a brilliant job of boiling it down. Essentially, it turns Reddit into an RSS reader, allowing you to browse your favourite subreddits and filter out sources or contributors you’d rather not hear from. Once you’ve filled out the simple in-app registration, you can also vote posts up or down, add comments or submit links of your own. A setting that allows you to filter adult content could also make Reddit palatable at your place of work. (Free)

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