Reflex Magnetics Disknet Pro 4.6 review

This latest version delivers some of the toughest media- and port-access controls in the industry

Dave Mitchell
23 Jun 2006
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Network administrators can't deny that removable media is causing them a serious security headache. For example, USB flash drives are highly affordable, and the 1GB variety is ideal for filching huge amounts of business data and dropping it into your pocket.

Aimed at enterprises and the higher end of the SMB market, Reflex Magnetics Disknet Pro provides the tools to control any type of removable media and restrict access to all PC ports. Even data legitimately being moved from one site to another on removable media can be transported safely, as Disknet Pro is able to encrypt it. This latest version brings in a few new features and can now control the use of wireless USB adapters. Installation is swift, but note that Disknet Pro must run in a Windows domain, although rather belatedly it also now supports Novell directory services environments. All workstations require a client installed, and this can still only be deployed using the supplied MSI file and an Active Directory Group Policy. Products such as Centennial's DeviceWall provide a standalone deployment tool.

The management console has also had a facelift, although compared with version 4.4 we can't see any big changes. Even so, it's easy enough to use and provides facilities for placing clients in groups based on users and systems to which you apply access policies. These are extensive, as you can control access to all or selected ports, define read-only and write access, stop specific file types being created, require a boot time password, and decide whether the client icon should appear in the System Tray.

USB devices are controlled by the Removable Media Manager. You can block access or have the device scanned for viruses and authorised with a signature for safe use on other systems. Encryption can also be enforced on removable media before allowing access. Reporting extends to audit summaries of removable media activity over a predefined period, a log file on all activity and a separate list of all alerts.

Smaller businesses looking for a lower-cost solution should check out DeviceWall, but larger companies will find Disknet Pro delivers an excellent range of security controls for blocking data theft.

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