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7 Jan 2016

And that's it! CES is, at least for us, officially over. We would recommend you read Tim Danton's excellent feature on why CES 2016 shows that this year will be when intelligent cars replace stupid people, or peruse our pick of the best products we saw there. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... unless it's CES and it's amazing technology. See you all next year. 

CES 2016: Day three (7th Jan)

22:54 Goodbye Moto. It looks like Lenovo will drop the Motorola brand name from its smartphones this year, although the Moto name will remain. Does the Lenovo Moto G sound right to you?

22:40 Fitness cothing and wearables manufacturer Under Armour has teamed up with IBM's supercomputer Watson to create a personal trainer in your pocket.

22:18 This is one of the neatest things we've seen at CES. A piano that lights up its keys to teach you sheet music. Sure beats a stern tutor and a metronome, but doesn't look like it's in the UK yet. Shame.

21:30 So, which company has impressed you the most at CES? We've made a little poll to let us know (though with so much going on, it's possible we'll miss a couple of bigguns - do let us know if we have!)

21:02 Not everything you see at CES will go on sale, of course. That certainly applies to the R70i Age Suit, which simulates the experience of getting older with weaker vision, hearing loss and deliberately reduced mobility. You may not be able to walk a mile in your grandparents' shoes, but this is a decent aproximation, at least.

20:42 Things do have a tendancy to slow down, as we reach Day three of things, but some things can still raise an eyebrow. Actually, both eyebrows. BlackBerry has decided to take on Apple and Google on the roads as well as in the pocket, with its own self-driving car software. Wowsers.

19:57 If you thought all Panasonic made were expensive TVs, you'd be wrong. At this year's CES they've shown off a design for the business-class plane seat of the future.

18:36 As there's little new news to come out of CES today as journalists start to make the crushingly long journey home from Vegas, here's a brief look at what Huawei is planning to release in 2016, including a gold Nexus 6P.

18.15 It's 10:15 in Las Vegas, so things are yet to really get moving today. In the meantime, Samsung has a prototype smartbelt with a terrible name. Read all about it, folks...

CES 2016: Day two (6th Jan)

21.22 Interestingly, GM has also thrown gamification into the mix. Barra says an efficiency leaderboard will allow drivers to compete with their friends for the title of "most efficient driver".

21.20 This will come as no surprise. The Bolt will be the first EV to offer both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

21.18 Barra says the Bolt will be able to program “EV”-optimised routes – although it’s not completely clear how it’ll do that. It’s possible that the Bolt’s satnav will consider things such as topography and traffic when planning your journeys. That’s one way to extend battery life.


21.15 Thanks to a DC fast charging system, the Bolt can top up to around 80% charge in about an hour.

21.13 GM has just shown off the 2017 Bolt EV. Featuring 200 miles per charge, more connectivity than ever and a reasonable price of $30,000 after incentives.

21.10 As expected, GM is pushing electrification and connectivity as its two key areas of innovation.

21.00 Mary Barra is up on stage, mentioning that GM is the first automotive company to use Facebook Live to broadcast a keynote.

21.00 GM's keynote is beginning, with consumer technology association CEO Gary Shapiro on stage.

20.37 GM is one of the largest car companies in the world, so all eyes will be on its CES keynote this evening. Following on from its recent partnership with Lyft, GM is expected to push connected cars and electric vehicles in a big way – something that’s confirmed by a tweet from the General Motors CEO and Chairman Mary Barra.

20.30 GM's CES 2016 keynote will start at 9pm GMT, with CEO Mary Barra expected to focus on the Chevrolet Bolt.

19.27 Our man Tim Danton has been admiring some "sexy" business laptops and actor Josh Brener...


(Edit: Apparently he's in Silicon Valley)

17.54 Looks like Netflix just went live in India.

17.50 The keynote comes to the close with Hastings staring down the camera and talking about extending Netflix like it's a new world superpower. 

17.48 Hastings talking about bringing supported languages to a total of 21. 

17.44 Hastings announces that Netflix has (literally just now) launched in 130 new countries – no China though.

17.44 Hastings is back talking about horses and transistors. 

17.40 They're still there. Bojack Horseman is really good by the way. It's a lot more complex than a show about a talking horse needs to be.

17.34 Actors on stage, sitting on seats, talking about Netflix.

17.27 Announces The Getdown, directed by Baz Luhrmann and about the emergence of disco.

17.26 Sarandos: "We are not anti-theatre – we are just pro-movies".

17.19 Sarandos announces The Crown – the epic story of Queen Elizabeth set against the collapse of an empire and the formation of modern Britain. Directed by Stephen Daldry.

17.15 Chief content officer Ted Sarandos is on stage talking about Netflix original programming.

17.08 Hastings is talking about the "binge era".

17.00 Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is on stage, talking about the "simple yet revolutionary shift" from corporate to consumer control in the age of TV streaming.

Netflix keynote

Netflix has had a big year in 2015, from big jumps in stock, to fending off a growing number of cord-cutting rivals to grow to 70 million subscribers. CEO Reed Hastings and chief content officer Ted Sarandos will be on stage at CES shortly to talk about the company's future. 

When: 5pm GMT

Scan your food to find out its nutritional value

This is brilliant. But the promo video is very American...

Casio's outdoorsy smartwatch has a 30-day battery life

CES 2016 - Casio WSD-F10

Let's kick things off today with news about Casio's new smartwatch, the lovingly named Casio WSD-F10.

This isn't your standard smartwatch affair. It's a 1.32in Android Wear device, with dual layers aimed at outdoors types. Casio says it has a battery life that can last for up to a month, providing you use the features only when you need them.

What does it measure? Heaps! Take a deep breath: direction and altitude measurements, atmospheric pressure, sunrise/sunset times, tide graph, plus an overall activity graph.

No UK price has been announced yet, but it's set to cost $500 in the States.

Sony and Technics embrace the vinyl revival

For some of us, vinyl records never went away, but it looks as though 2016 might just be the year where the humble LP reclaims its rightful place in the mainstream.

Vinyl sales are in rude health, with more than 1.2 million of the things sold in 2014, and even more snapped up in 2015. Now manufacturers are starting to sit up and pay attention – Technics and Sony have released new record players for 2016. 

The rebirth of the Technics brand in 2014 was a wonderful thing in itself, but now the company has brought the legendary SL-1200 turntable back from the dead. And, not to be left out, Sony has also hopped on the vinyl record bandwagon, with the news of its latest premium turntable, the USB-equipped PS-HX500.

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