Dell wows IDF with "dual personality" tablet

Dell Inspiron Duo features a clever rotating screen

14 Sep 2010

Dell has shown off an intriguing new tablet PC, the Dell Inspiron Duo.

Dell marketing manager for ultra mobile devices, Dave Zavelson, won appreciative applause from the IDF crowd by flipping it open to reveal a full keyboard and screen that rotates within the frame, transforming it into the netbook form factor.

The screen flips inside the body of the device, rather than swivelling on a hinge like standard convertible tablets.

“Tablets are great for entertainment, but not exactly conducive to productivity,” Zavelson said, claiming the “dual personality” tablet bridges the gap between entertainment and work.

Specs were scarce, but Zalveson claimed it was the most powerful 10in Windows 7 tablet on the market, would run an Atom N550 processor and support WiMax – although it wasn’t clear if that was at launch or in the future.

Zalveson said it would arrive later this year.

Dell Inspiron Duo

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