Raspberry Pi made available to schools and businesses

Production of low-cost computer ramped up to 4,000 units per day

Nicole Kobie
16 Jul 2012

Sales of the Raspberry Pi are set to take off with schools and businesses now able to order the low-cost PC in bulk.

Four thousand of the cheap computing devices are being made each day, helping to meet demand for the Linux-based board.

The Model B sold out quickly when it first went on sale in February, with the charity behind the project limiting sales to one per person.

Now, the companies manufacturing the Raspberry Pi have ramped up production, although delivery will still take four to six weeks. "Both of our manufacturing partners have been working at building capacity so you we can lift that limit – right now, 4,000 Raspberry Pis are being made every day," spokesperson Liz Upton said in a post on the Raspberry Pi blog. "As of this morning, you’ll be able to buy as many Raspberry Pis as you want from both RS Components and element14/Premier Farnell."

"This is of special importance to those of you who are using the Raspberry Pi in your businesses, and to people looking to buy classroom sets for schools and universities," she added.

The RS Components boards are priced at £21.60, with extra accessories including a case and SDcard preloaded with the Raspberry Pi OS also now available.

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