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The team discusses Apple News, a robot that's 3D-printing a bridge and how mobile phone usage can be linked to unemployment

25 Jun 2015

Welcome to this week's Technology podcast.

On this week’s podcast: we discuss revelations that GCHQ has been hacking antivirus software; we meet the world’s first robotic opera singer; and we weigh up Amazon’s new plan to pay authors by the page. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the XYZprinting da Vinci Jr, a 3D printer costing just £299.

Technology podcast: previous episodes

Episode 366 (17 June 2015)the team talks about whether we be concerned about Apple’s entry into the news business; discuss a robot that’s 3D-printing a bridge in Amsterdam; and learn how mobile phone usage can provide insights into employment data. Our hot hardware candidate is the Garmin VivoActive sports watch.

Episode 365 (10 June 2015): We round up Apple’s announcements at WWDC; we ask whether humanity’s future might rely as much on arts as sciences; and we discuss the exciting possibility of power over Wi-Fi. Our hot hardware candidate is the 2015 Chromebook Pixel, Google’s new flagship Chrome OS device.

Episode 364 (3 June 2015): Introducing Alphr, the new technology website from the makers of PC Pro. We also round up the most interesting tech from CES Asia, look at new ways to create VR experiences and discuss the rogue text message that’s been crashing iPhones. Our hot hardware candidate is Android M, the latest edition of Google’s mobile operating system. (We know it’s not technically hardware.)

Episode 363 (27 May 2015): The team looks ahead to the Google I/O conference; discusses Microsoft’s growing support for Android and iOS; and asks whether we should be scared of the world’s angriest AI. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Kobo Glow HD, a high-end ereader at a (comparatively) low price.

Episode 362 (20 May 2015): Rumours of an Apple Car; Google’s new time-lapse video technology; a clue to Microsoft’s plans for the HoloLens; and a ruling by Ofcom that could extend the reach of fibre broadband in the UK. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the LG G Watch Urbane.

Episode 361 (13 May 2015): The panel discusses what Uber's $50bn valuation actually means, Tesla's "sold-out" Powerwall Home Battery, why Samsung's smartphone share has declined in China, and whether Google muscling in on the takeaway market is monopolistic. The Hot Hardware nominee is the £917 Intel 750 Series 1.2TB SSD.

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