Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2014 review

It stops viruses, but it isn’t quiet or light-footed enough to earn a recommendation

Darien Graham-Smith
28 Feb 2014
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Trend Micro's Internet Security Suite was our favourite of 2013, and the 2014 edition made a good start in our AV tests, with a creditable 96% malware-protection score.

In the false-positives test, however, we saw a discouraging number of warnings raised when launching harmless software. In addition, it offers no easy way to indicate that you'd prefer not to be bothered.

System responsiveness wasn't a strength, either. Trend Micro's software slowed down our Explorer benchmark to 89% compared to Windows Defender, and bogged down our application benchmark to a laborious 69%.

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2014

It's a shame, because Trend Micro's security suite is one of the more usable suites out there, with a clear and friendly interface. It contains marketing links to other commercial products, but these are clearly labelled and unobtrusive.

What you do get is well chosen. We especially like the ability to automatically intercept the transmission of certain sequences of characters, such as credit-card numbers. And, rather than reinventing the wheel, Trend Micro sensibly leaves the Windows Firewall in place and supplements it with a "Firewall Booster" that blocks additional vulnerabilities.

On our test system, the installation fitted into 521MB of disk space, which isn't bad for a complete suite. At this price, it has the trappings of a real contender.

Unfortunately, its poor false-positives score and low ranking in our responsiveness tests mean that, this time around, we have to consider it an also-ran. Here's hoping that next year's update sharpens up in these areas.


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