Watch a politician vape during a transport committee meeting while discussing vaping laws

Vaping. Yet another divisive social development. Is it the same as smoking? Should we be allowed to do it on trains and planes and in cars? 

In the UK, vaping is considered less intrusive in public areas, but similar – indeed, basically the same –restrictions apply as to regular cigarettes.

It’s not dissimilar over in the US. You can’t start vaping in places over there, as with all international flights. But congress just talked about an amendment that would allow vaping on some internal flights.

A US representative, California’s Duncan Hunter, just vaped in a political meeting to state his case. He got his “stick” out and blew “smoke” amid his peers. Naturally, he’s all for the bill. 

Transport journalist  tweeted this on Thursday… 

Just two months ago, Hunter proclaimed his love of puffing the chemical cigarette alterntives. Now he’s gone one further, showcasing his admiration in the political sphere proper. 

Hunter was at a Congressional hearing when he carried out the act. The Transport Committee was discussing an amendment. 

As Jason Rabinowitz says, the amendment was ultimately upheld. Hunter didn’t manage to see his vaping hopes realised. 

Here’s Hunter in action… 

HT Gawker

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