Google Gears adds support for Firefox 3

Google has added support for Firefox 3 to Gears, the tool that allows web-based apps to function offline.

Support for Firefox 3 was first announced on the feature list for Google Gears version 0.3, and speaking with Cnet, Google engineer Aaron Boodman confirmed that “Gears for Firefox 3, as of today, is available for all users.”

Gears already supports Firefox 2, but the lack of support in recent release candidates has proved a headache for early adopters.

The announcement means Gears is close to supporting all major browsers, with Opera extending support to its popular Mobile browser and Google working on a version for Safari.

The latest version of Firefox is due for release later this month, and is currently at Release Candidate 2.

In an interview with PC Pro, Tristan Nitot, president of Mozilla Europe said he wanted to see Microsoft and Google rally around a single standard for offline apps, with Gears merging with HTML 5’s standard for offline caching – the standard Firefox 3 currently uses.

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