Sandisk Cruzer Enterprise 1GB review

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Three years ago, the biggest USB flash drives available were mighty 1GB devices costing around £140. Today, you can pay £30 less for 16 times the capacity, with additional features such as security thrown in.

Sandisk Cruzer Enterprise 1GB review

Finally to the SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise, a secure flash drive primarily aimed at businesses. Cleverly, the software to access the encrypted flash partition runs from a second, unencrypted partition. Thus, you can access the encrypted area on any PC.

The really clever part is that, with additional management software, passwords and stored data can be centrally managed over a network. This is a godsend for security-conscious enterprises, although it isn’t much use to most home users, and you pay a premium for it – the 1GB drive we tested costs more than Lexar’s 4GB model. It’s fast, though (58 secs write, 46 secs read), so it could be a good choice if you regularly carry around confidential data.

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