How to Add Another Wyze Camera

The Wyze Cam is an affordable and innovative security camera solution for your home. It allows you to access the live camera feed from virtually anywhere, as long as you’re connected to the internet. The main hub for all of your Wyze devices is your smartphone or tablet. It’s as simple as downloading the app, setting up the camera and accessing it from the palm of your hand.

How to Add Another Wyze Camera

It’s not uncommon for people to order more than one Wyze camera, to cover multiple rooms and areas. Here’s how to add another Wyze Cam to your smartphone.

Why Add Another Camera?

Wyze is marketed and widely known as a security camera. It performs just like any other expensive security surveillance system, except it’s significantly more straightforward and, more importantly, cheaper. Although Wyze cameras can be used anywhere, the majority of customers order these units for their homes. So, why install multiple cameras, then?

The answer lies in the fact that Wyze isn’t just a security camera. Sure, it allows you to connect to the live feed at all times, notifies you using its brilliant motion sensor, and allows you to communicate with whoever’s in front of the camera, but the applications here are numerous. With a product so affordable, Wyze is used to receiving multiple orders from individual customers. But what for?

For starters, many users order a camera for their nurseries. There are baby monitors, there are two-way baby monitors, and then there are Wyze Cams, devices that allow you to actually see if everything’s okay with your kid, while enabling you to communicate with him or her.

add another wyze cameraadd another wyze camera

Similarly, some users get an indoor camera to oversee their pets and tell them off when they get the zoomies. It really works.

Other people get a camera for their work computers. If you want to see whether someone is doing something fishy at your work desk, the Wyze Cam is an absolutely brilliant solution.

There are countless applications for this practical device so, if you’re creative enough, you’ll be ordering the second Wyze Cam in no-time.

Adding the Camera

Seeing as how you’re looking into adding another Wyze camera to your home arsenal, you probably already know how to set up the first one. Fortunately, things are just as simple with the new device. On the other hand, it might be the case that someone else had set it up for you. So, here goes.

Adding the First Camera

Right, you’ve just received your package. Open it, and you’ll see everything you need to set the thing up on its own: an instruction manual, a power adapter with a wall plug, a metallic plate with an adhesive strip, and the Wyze Cam itself. Once you take the camera out of the box, you’ll notice a solid yellow light. In order to set it up, you’ll need to plug it into the wall socket. Plug the camera in, as you would any smartphone or tablet.

Once plugged in, the yellow light will start flashing. Now, it’s time to download the Wyze app onto your device of choice. Go to your device’s native app store and search, download, and install the Wyze app. Once downloaded and ran, the app will require you to register. Do this, go to your email inbox, and follow the instructions carefully.

Now, you’ll see a large ‘plus’ sign in the apps main screen. Tap it. Next, move the plastic stand on the Wyze Cam’s bottom side and look for a button in one of the corners. Press the button and you’ll hear a voice saying that the device is ready to connect. Now, find your Wi-Fi network and connect to it. The moment you’ve connected, you’ll see a QR code appear on your phone screen. In order for your Wyze camera to connect to your Wi-Fi, you’re going to need to scan this code with the camera.

After this is done, you’ll see the LED light at the back of the camera flash blue and yellow, then flash blue, and, finally, turn solid blue. All you need to do now is name the camera and hit Start.

Adding a New Camera

Adding another Wyze camera to your collection works just about the same as adding the first one, with two tiny discrepancies. The first discrepancy is the large ‘plus’ sign menu. You won’t see a large plus sign across the entire screen, but rather a list of available and active Wyze Cam devices. Don’t worry, though, as you’ll be able to find the same plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen. It may be smaller, but it works just the same.

The second discrepancy isn’t really a discrepancy, but rather an additional option. It relates to connecting the camera to the power source. Of course, you can connect each Wyze Cam to a separate power source, but you can also daisy-chain them. This essentially means that only the first camera needs to be connected to a wall socket. Others can be linked to each other. This can be a neat bonus option.

Every other part of the setup process is identical to the setup process of your first Wyze camera.

wyze camera

Wyze Cam

As you can see, the whole process of adding an additional Wyze camera is fairly basic and simple. If you’ve managed to set up the first one, the second one won’t give you any trouble. Just bear in mind that the large plus sign won’t be in the exact same spot.

How many Wyze cameras do you have? Do you have different versions? Are you going to get more cameras? Let the community know in the comments section below, and don’t refrain from firing away with questions and advice.

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