Can AirPods Connect to Your Xbox One?

If you were wondering whether the AirPods ca connect to the Xbox One, the answer might surprise you. Technically, the answer is no, because the Xbox One doesn’t support Bluetooth pairing. Since the AirPods are Bluetooth earbuds, they can’t connect to the Xbox One or its standard controller.

Can AirPods Connect to Your Xbox One?

However, there is a workaround for this issue, meaning that you can use your AirPods on the Xbox One. It’s just not as simple as on devices that support Bluetooth technology.

Read on for detailed instructions.

The Xbox One Does Not Support the AirPods

Curiously enough, the Xbox One doesn’t support the AirPods or any other Bluetooth device. However, there is an official wireless controller for Xbox, which does have Bluetooth support. If you have this controller, then you may connect your AirPods by using Bluetooth.

Here is a link for the official Microsoft Xbox store where you can purchase the controller. Don’t worry. You don’t have to pay for the controller if you don’t want to. There is a free solution, as well.

However, you need a compatible Android (Android 6.0 or later), or iOS (10.3 or later) device. That’s right; you can use the Xbox app from the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

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The App Workaround

Once you’ve installed the Xbox app on your Android or iOS device, it is easy to use your Airpods while gaming or streaming on the Xbox One. Your device must support the AirPods or AirPods Pro you are using.

Honestly, AirPods are designed to work with Apple products. That means that things will go much smoother on an iPhone or an iPad, than an Android phone. Still, most modern Android devices (phones and tablets) do support the AirPods, or at least their basic features. They have Bluetooth.

Without further ado, here is how to use the Xbox app with your AirPods:

  1. Make sure to connect your Android or iOS tablet or phone to your AirPods. Also, ensure that you are on a Wi-Fi internet connection. Don’t use your data unless you have an unlimited plan.
  2. Launch the Xbox app on your phone and sign in using your Xbox (Microsoft) credentials. Make sure it is the same account you use on the Xbox One.
  3. For those who have already used the Xbox app on their device, this will be easy. If not, select Add New Account and enter the correct Microsoft credentials.
  4. When you are done, press Let’s Play.
  5. Select the Parties menu.
  6. Choose to Start a Party, and it will assemble instantly.
  7. Press the Invite to Party option to add your Xbox buddies. Add as many as you want by tapping on their names.
  8. Press Send Invitation to invite everyone selected.
  9. They will get a notification inviting them to join.
  10. Now you can put on the AirPods and start a voice chat with your game squad.
  11. If you want to stop at any point, press Leave Party and take off your AirPods.
    airpods connect to xbox one

Are the AirPods the Best Choice?

Sure, AirPods can be great for talking to your Xbox friends. However, this will only enable voice communication. All other audio will relay through your sound system (speakers, TV, etc.). In reality, your friends aren’t going to like this because the game sounds may be too loud.

The AirPods aren’t the ideal match for the Xbox One or the old Xbox. Many other headphone models are better suited for console gaming. Namely, wired headsets work the best, and they don’t require any apps or additional purchases.

Just take a look at pro gamers, over 90% of them use wired headsets. It is because they are better suited for gaming, and they give better in-game audio quality. Sure, that’s not the case if you go all in and buy a premium Bluetooth headset (Sennheiser, Bose, Sony, etc.).

Still, there are excellent budget wired headphones that will do the job (SteelSeries, Razer, HyperX, etc.).

Are There Better Communication Apps?

Not only can you get better headphones for gaming on the Xbox One, but you can also use better apps. Of course, we are talking about Discord. Most gamers will agree that Discord is the best app for in-game communication.

Why is that? Because Discord draws the least resources from your device, it has excellent customization, and it is easy to use. Plus, everyone is on Discord already. If your friend tells you that they can’t get on Discord, they’re lying.

There are other communication apps, but they aren’t as efficient as Discord. These platforms offer quality sound but draw a lot of resources from your device. And they can even clutter your network (Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.).

The Takeaway

For the time being, Xbox One users have to jump through hoops and loops to use the AirPods with their favorite console. If it is any consolation to you, the PS4 community is also displeased with the AirPods support, which is non-existent.

That’s because the AirPods aren’t designed for gaming, despite being great for listening to music and podcasts and making phone calls.

If you have any comments, feel free to add to the discussion in the comments section below.

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Cash says:
I know there are purchasable Bluetooth adapters that can plug into the Xbox or controller itself that can connect to airpods, but I would like to know if the mic on the airpods still works using this to use in game chat and such

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