What to Do if Your AirPods Pro Keep Falling Out

Do your new AirPods Pro slip out of your ears even after you have a comfortable seal?

What to Do if Your AirPods Pro Keep Falling Out

Have you found yourself at the gym or doing housework and your AirPods Pros seem to jump out of your ears?

If so, you’re not alone.

Many Apple users have similar complaints. Some have even reported that their AirPods Pro slip out when they’re sitting quietly, doing nothing.

So, you’ve tried everything.

But before you trek back to the store to return them, here are some things you can try to keep those AirPods Pros in your ears where they belong.

The Problem

One of the biggest problems behind this much-anticipated device is the design. Namely, the AirPods Pro relies on silicone-tips to maintain a seal. But those slippery tips do nothing to keep your AirPods where they should be.

The result can be anything from reduced sound quality to Active Noise Cancellation not working. And of course, you may lose one of your AirPods if it falls out of your ears.

Apple hasn’t offered any solutions for its users as yet. But before you give up on your AirPods Pro completely, there are some things you can try.

airpods pro keep falling out

The Solutions

Before you try any of these solutions, you should know that they aren’t necessarily promoted by Apple. These tips come primarily via users themselves through trial and error.

Third-Party Accessories

The first third-party accessory you may want to look into is replacement foam tips. These are a popular option because they conform to the ear and can help with ear fatigue. However, keep in mind that Apple doesn’t make them so that means you may need to do a bit of research first.

Many third-party brands sell the foam tips in either one-size packs or packs of different sizes. Unless you’re familiar with the brand and how it fits in your ear, you should try the variety pack first. That way, you’re not limited in your size choices when trying to find the right fit.

If you like the silicone ear tips the way they are and just want added security, you may want to try some ear hooks instead. Third-party manufacturers make ear hooks that go around your ear, so when it slips out it won’t get far. Generally, the ear hooks can slip over your existing AirPods so you don’t need to take it apart to use them.

Keep a lookout for accessories that fit in your AirPods Pro case for added convenience.

Deeper AirPods Positioning in Ear

Have you ever worn a set of earplugs?

If you have, you may want to try positioning your AirPods the same way you would a pair of earplugs to keep them from falling out.

For the uninitiated, the steps are simple ones:

  • From behind your head, the back of your ear in an upward direction
  • Insert the AirPods into your ears as deep as it will go
  • Let go of your ear

Using this technique can help open the ear canal. Then, you can insert the AirPods deeper and, ideally, more securely.

But what about accidental damage to the ear?

Rest assured. The AirPods aren’t really long enough to cause accidental damage to your eardrum or ear canal.

Everybody is different, though.

If you try this and start to feel a twinge of pain or uncomfortable, stop inserting the AirPod and try another solution.

Flipping Them Upside Down

Runners discovered a great way to keep their AirPods Pro from falling out. They flip the AirPods upside down and insert them in the ear. It may sound a little silly, but some runners swear by it.

If simply flipping them upside down doesn’t keep them secure, you can also try swapping them, too. That means that you put the left bud in the right ear and the right bud in the left ear. Remember to flip them both upside down before swapping them.

airpods pro keep falling out what to do

Keep Your Investment Secured

Many Apple users have encountered problems with keeping their AirPods Pro in their ears. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t released a first-part solution yet.

While you’re waiting, you can always look into some of the third-party accessories on the market. Or you can try one of the suggested alternative ways of wearing your AirPods.

If none of the solutions listed above works, you can also try the last resort: returning your AirPods Pro. Each retailer has different return policies so check before heading back there.

Do you have a story about your AirPods Pro falling out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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