AirTags Battery Life – How Long Do They Last?

You bought your Apple AirTag to help you keep track of a valuable item in case you lose it. As long as the AirTag is working, you can use your Apple device to follow the digital breadcrumbs to the attached item’s current location.

AirTags Battery Life - How Long Do They Last?

Note that we said as long as the AirTag is working.

The problem is that AirTags only work for as long as their batteries have a charge. You can’t recharge your AirTag once its battery runs dry, meaning the device may turn into a useless lump of plastic that doesn’t help you track anything.

To ensure that doesn’t happen, you need to know two things. First, how long does your AirTag’s battery last? Second, what can you do once your device runs out of battery? This article provides the answers to both questions.

How Long Do AirTags Battery Last

You can expect your AirTag’s battery to last for approximately one year, on a very general level. The specific battery length depends on several factors, the primary one being how often you use the AirTag.

Every time you open the Find My app to track the item your AirTag is attached to, you activate the device. When the device is activated, it drains more battery life than it does when it’s inert. As a result, constantly losing the attached item means you drain your AirTag’s battery faster because you need to use it more often.

Apple doesn’t leave you guessing when it comes to your AirTag’s battery life. You’ll receive notifications sent directly to your iPhone when one of your AirTags is coming toward the end of its battery life. You can also run a quick check of an AirTag’s battery using the Find My app by following these steps.

  1. Open the Find My app and tap “Items.”
  2. Navigate to the item attached to your AirTag and tap it.
  3. Check the battery icon below your item.

Unfortunately, this icon does not provide a percentage figure or direct information about how much life the battery has left. It provides a rough estimate that lets you know if you’re getting closer to needing to replace the battery. You will also see a banner that says “Low Battery” if your AirTag is on the verge of running out of juice.

What Happens When They Run Out of Battery?

When an AirTag runs out of battery, it can no longer transmit a signal. When you check the Find My app, you should see that the item it’s attached to is no longer on your list. For as long as the AirTag is depleted, it’s little more than a chunk of plastic attached to the item it’s supposed to be tracking.

The good news is that a depleted AirTag doesn’t have to stay that way.

Apple allows AirTag owners to replace their device’s battery before it runs out, thus keeping it operational for as long as they need it. To change the battery, you’ll need to have a replacement CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery. You can find these batteries in most electronics stores and some watch shops and pharmacies. Apple recommends that you avoid CR2032 that have bitterant coatings. This coating may prevent the battery from forming a proper connection with your AirTag’s contact points, resulting in it not working properly.

Assuming you have your battery, follow these steps to insert it into your AirTag.

  1. Locate the polished stainless steel battery cover on your AirTag and push down on it gently.
  2. Rotate the cover counterclockwise until you can’t rotate it any further.
  3. Lift the cover and remove the battery from your AirTag.
  4. Place your new CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery into the open slot with the positive side facing toward you. Your AirTag should make a sound that indicates the battery has established a successful connection.
  5. Replace the battery cover.
  6. Keeping the cover pressed in, rotate it clockwise until it stops moving.

Your AirTag should now transmit a signal again. Open your Find My app and you should see it reappear in your list of items.

Keep Your AirTag Running

The battery that comes preinstalled in your AirTag isn’t designed for longevity. It only offers about a year of service before it depletes, though you may find yours runs out quicker if you need to use the AirTag frequently.

Apple has accounted for this by giving you the ability to replace a depleted battery. Replacement batteries are simple to source, meaning you can keep your AirTag running for as long as you need it. Keep an eye on your notifications and the Find My app to check when you need make a replacement.

So, what do you think about Apple’s AirTag? How useful is the device? Would you prefer Apple to install a longer-lasting battery, even if it meant paying a little more for an AirTag? Or, are you happy to keep replacing the battery yourself? Let us know in the comments section below.

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