How to cancel Amazon Prime membership

Want to cancel your Amazon Prime membership? Here's how

Thomas McMullan
13 Jul 2018

 Amazon Prime costs £79 a year and delivers bundles of entertainment goodness, from unlimited one-day delivery and access to Kindle First, to streaming via Prime Video and Prime Music.

However, if you’re not invested in the Amazon ecosystem, you may want chuck your Amazon Prime membership for streaming alternatives such as Netflix. Or perhaps you’ve signed up for the free first month, and had a nasty shock when £79 disappeared from your account.  

Alternatively, if you've seen the news about Amazon Prime price rises in the US and want to cancel before these increases reach UK shores, we reveal how to cancel Amazon Prime below, and get a refund if you signed up but never used it. 

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It should be noted that once you cancel your free trial, or membership, you can't get another free trial with that particular email address. This means if you wanted to take advantage of deals on Prime Day or Black Friday, you'd have to use another email address or sign up again. 

How to get free Amazon Prime membership

Want to get access to Amazon Prime without paying a penny? There's an easy way around it, though it does involve a bit of extra admin, and more than a bit of cheek. Users can sign up to Amazon Prime's free trial, which lasts a whole month. The caveat is that, as with many of these free trial schemes, Amazon makes you insert your bank card details so they can bill you for the services you inevitably forgot you'd signed up for. 

However, if you're savvy enough, and don't fancy retaining the stellar service for over your allotted month, you can cancel your Amazon Prime membership before the money is extracted from your bank account. This can involve setting a smartphone alarm/calendar reminder to opt out before your month elapses. If you're not that organised (and be honest, in the throes of newly unlocked Amazon Video/Music/Fresh/Now excitement, who would be) then read on to find out how to cancel your Amazon Prime after your 30-day trial elapses. 

What with Amazon Prime Day (or is that Prime 36 hours) just around the corner, there's never been a better time to bite the bullet and cash in on your free trial, in order to snap up some great bargains at no extra cost. 

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How to cancel your free trial of Amazon Prime

  1. Go to Manage Prime Membership, then click the Do not continue option. 
  2. Similar to before, you’ll have three options: the third one will say Do not continue. Click this and you’ll still be able to use Amazon Prime's benefits during your free trial, right up until the date it expires. 

How to cancel Amazon Prime after 30-day trial

  1. This is annoying. We’ve done it several times ourselves. Amazon has taken a hefty £79 out of your account because you forgot about your free trial ending, and you're despairing. But, rest assured, as long as you haven’t placed any Amazon Prime eligible orders, you’ll qualify for a full refund.
  2. Cancel your Prime membership and you will automatically receive a refund.
  3. If you are having issues with your refund, you can contact Amazon directly here: 

How to cancel Amazon Prime if you’re a paid subscriber 

  1. Go to Your Account on Amazon and find Prime. 

  2. Tucked into the left side of the screen, under your payment history, you’ll find End Membership.

  3. Amazon will give you three options: Remind Me Later (to remind you three days before your membership next renews), I Want to Keep My Benefits (to keep Amazon Prime) and I Do Not Want My Benefits. If you want to cancel your Prime membership, click this.
  4. You’ll now have two more options: End Now and End Later, along with options to be reminded later or to keep your membership. If you opt to end on your next renewal, Amazon Prime membership will continue until then before automatically ending. Depending on whether or not you've used Amazon Prime's benefits, you should see a note saying you will (or won't) receive a refund. 

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