Amazon Prime Air: This is how Amazon’s drone army will work

Amazon has given us more details on how its drone delivery service will work. In an interview with Yahoo Tech, Amazon’s vice president for global public policy, Paul Misener, revealed some key details about Amazon’s plan for drones.

In order to meet Prime Air’s delivery targets, it looks like Amazon is preparing to deploy an army of different drone designs, all suited to particular delivery conditions. In the Yahoo interview, Misener confirms one of the main challenges faced by Amazon’s drones is varying climates. Amazon’s solution? Make several different types of drone.

We have different prototypes we’re working on simultaneously – different kinds of drones for different kinds of delivery circumstances,” Misener said. “Our customers in the United States live in hot, dry, dusty areas like Phoenix, but they also live in hot, wet, rainy environments such as Orlando, or up in the Colorado Rockies.”

It’s possible that Amazon will also use different drones for delivery to different types of residential area. According to the Misener, drones that are suitable for delivery to skyscrapers may not be compatible with those used to delivery to houses, for instance. “Our customers live in a wide variety of buildings,” says Misener. “We want to be able to serve all of those customers. And it may take a different kind of a drone to best work in each one.”

Although Amazon’s drones will use different designs, Misener claims they’ll all feature the same anti-avoidance tech. Comparing them to horses rather than cars, Misener confirmed that the drones will feature a level of intelligence. Rather than simply bumping into trees on the way to their destination, Amazon’s delivery drones will have the technology to avoid them.

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