38 more Amazon Dash Buttons now mean there are 106 reasons not to leave the house

Amazon Dash Buttons are a bit like buses on an abnormally dysfunctional transport network. You wait for ages for a new one to come along, and then 38 show up at once. Of course, in another respect, they’re absolutely nothing like buses, which are designed to get you out of the house. Amazon Dash Buttons, on the other hand, make it easier than ever to avoid natural daylight.

For the uninitiated, Dash Buttons are little IoT doohickeys that you can stick around your home. They’re connected to your Amazon account and attached to a single product so that when you press the button, one such item is ordered on your behalf – be it cat food or play-doh. They’re set up so they can’t be triggered multiple times, to keep children and cats from ordering an obscene amount of play-doh or cat food.

Each button costs £4.99 to buy, but you get £4.99 off your first order with the Button, so it’s essentially free.

If that sounds like a faintly ridiculous product, well – welcome to 2017. It’s in solid company. In any case, people seem to like them: as of this morning, there are 106 Amazon Dash buttons available to order, 38 of them new as of today. They are – deep breath – Always Discreet, Ambi Pur, Applaws, Bakers, Beta, Bold, Calgon, Cillit Bang, Clairol Root Touch-Up, Dentalife, Encore, English Tea Shop, Evian, Febreze, Felix, Flash, Gaviscon, Harringtons, Head & Shoulders, Lily’s Kitchen, Napisan, Nescafé, Nescafé Azera, Pampers Baby Wipes, PetSafe, Purina Go-Cat, Purina Gourmet, Purina Pro Plan, Simple Solution, SMA, Tampax, Vet’s Best, VIPoo, Vitacoco, Wagg, Waterwipes, Windolene and World’s Best Cat Litter. And relax for a picture break.38_more_amazon_dash_buttons_now_mean_there_are_106_reasons_not_to_leave_the_house_-_1

I’ll be honest, not all of these are exactly household names – but I guess that means that Amazon must have the majority of its bases covered. You’ll also note that 11 of these are pet-related, which either reveals that Amazon is run by cats and dogs or – more likely – that pet products tend to be amongst the best selling.

Indeed, that was confirmed by Amazon in an accompanying press release. Since June’s expansion, Dash Buttons have been responsible for 160,000 cups of coffee and seen nearly 300,000 rolls of toilet paper hitting doormats around the country. The most popular products, in case you were wondering, are:

  1. Finish
  2. Tassimo
  3. Ariel
  4. Duracell
  5. Heineken
  6. Listerine
  7. Gillette
  8. Nescafé Dolce Gusto
  9. Dettol
  10. Whiskas

Amazon has a habit of adding products in bulk. Back in June it added 20 Dash Buttons to the mix, including for those who really needed a packet of Mentos in a hurry. If none of these new ones appeal, of course, you can always hack them to do your bidding… 

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