Heartwarming video reveals how to hack Amazon Prime Now to deliver socks, food, jackets and more to homeless people

There is an incredibly simple, and heartwarming, way to hack the speedy delivery times of Amazon Prime Now for the greater good.

A YouTuber listed as Rob Bliss, from Rob Bliss Creative, has posted a video showing how you can order socks, food, jackets – in fact, just about anything – to be delivered to homeless people in towns and cities.

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The How to Hijack Amazon Prime Now for Goodvideo (below) shows the videographer speaking to homeless people on the streets of New York before ordering packages to be delivered to their exact location.

 In one example, he orders a pair of mens shoes to be delivered to the address 52 West 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001 and in the delivery instructions, he notes the package should be handed to Jack “the guy sitting outside with the grey beard and brown jacket.”

A number of Prime Now deliveries are then seen being sent to various, seemingly delighted, homeless people.

Although the video is shot in the US, there is no reason why a similar initiative couldn’t be done in the UK. Amazon Prime Now offers more than 20,000 products, including household items, groceries, electronics, gifts, clothes and more, with a two-hour delivery slot. All you need to do is sign up to Amazon Prime, enter your postcode, browse Prime Now or a local shop and add items to your basket.


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You can then check out using your existing Amazon Prime account details and local couriers will deliver in the delivery window you choose.

Of course, this video has been created by a viral marketing firm so could be seen with some scepticism – and some critics may say it’s exploiting the homeless people in the video. In fact, some of the YouTube comments are far from complimentary. However, with temperatures having plummeted in recent days, if just one person benefits from an idea like this then it’s a fantastic way to help those less fortunate.

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