Among Us: How to Be a Good Impostor?

Among Us is a game where players have to find out who the Impostor is before they kill all of the fellow Crewmates. The Impostor will lie and trick to achieve his goal. Crewmates must identify and expose him through voting before it’s too late.

Among Us: How to Be a Good Impostor?

Playing as an Impostor can be very challenging, especially if you’re new. Let’s talk about some good tips and tricks to help you win. We’ll also answer some burning questions you have.

What Is an Impostor?

An Impostor is a player who has to kill the majority of Crewmates to win, and they have to do it before all tasks are completed. There can be more than one Impostor in a round.

Visually, they’re indistinguishable until they start killing. That’s when the large mouths and teeth appear in the kill animation.

Impostors can’t do tasks, though they have a fake task list to help them blend in. This way, they can behave similarly to Crewmates.

One of the Impostor’s abilities is to sabotage. This forces Crewmates to resolve problems or they can’t complete tasks. Impostors can kill Crewmates during this confusion.

Venting is the act of using vents to move around. Only Impostors can do this, and they can hide in vents to surprise others. Killing and then venting away is a great way to escape detection.

Other than this, Impostors resemble Crewmates. They can use the Emergency Button, report corpses, and interact with certain objects. It’s up to the Impostor to convince others of their innocence while killing lone Crewmates covertly.

Among Us: Top Five Ways to Win as the Imposter

Now that you have a basic idea of what an Impostor can do, let’s take a look at five of the best ways you can win. They’re all effective strategies proven in the game. They are:

  • Behave like a Crewmate.

Just because you have some fake tasks doesn’t mean you can’t blend in perfectly. Pretend to do some tasks and then sneak some kills in here and there. When asked what you were doing, give a relevant task to your area.

Don’t blurt random tasks out. Point out where you actually were, or say you were heading there. That’s more likely to convince the Crewmates. Blend in and bide your time.

  • Vote like a Crewmate.

When suspicion is cast upon a Crewmate or even an Impostor, you should vote with the crowd. Follow the majority and you’re more likely to escape suspicion. Yes, that might also include voting the other Impostor out if there is one.

You can also convince them to skip if there’s still a lot of doubt. This happens in the earliest stages of a round of Among Us. Even during later stages, you can try this.

Bear in mind that this won’t work for everyone. However, when the time comes to vote your fellow Impostor out, you may have no choice.

  • Vet Crewmates and gain their trust.

In between killing and meetings, everyone is trying to establish who’s in the clear. You can join in the fray and vouch for other Crewmates. This tends to put you off the hook for longer.

Tell them you saw Red complete a task somewhere. Other Crewmates may be able to corroborate your statement. Eventually, this will cause a lot of confusion, especially in the late game.

That’s when you strike fast. Use your trust as a cloak.

  • Abuse crowd killing.

Sabotage the lights or comms to gather a crowd of Crewmates. Everyone will be rushing to fix them since they want to continue. This is a prime chance to kill someone.

When they’re all gathered together, you can fake yourself fixing the lights or comms and then kill a Crewmate. The crowd will make detection less likely. If you play your cards right, no one will know who did it.

During the voting phase, you can try to confuse the Crewmates and then make them eject one another. This will significantly increase your chances of winning. No one trusts the other quite as much anymore.

Crowd killing tends to be effective, but don’t overuse the strategy. You can also pretend to crowd kill but spare them to create panic.

  • Sabotage for the last kill.

In the latest stages of the game, when there’s only one Impostor and two Crewmates or two Impostors and three Crewmates left, sabotages will let you win. Activate a fatal sabotage they absolutely have to fix.

Since these fatal sabotages such as reactor meltdowns and oxygen failure require them to split up, you can just kill one Crewmate and win. Impostors win when there is the same number of Crewmates left as Imposters.

Sabotages can also be activated faster than emergency meetings. You’re guaranteed to win at this point.

Other Among Us Impostor Strategic Tips

Of course, there are plenty of other useful tips you can employ to trick the others. As with the first five tips, all of them are situational.  You need some understanding of the game to utilize them effectively.

  • The vent body camp strategy.

This is done by killing a Crewmate near a vent, causing a sabotage to scatter everyone, and hiding in a vent after your kill cooldown is over. Your kill cooldown count won’t go down inside a vent.

In the vent, simply wait for the next Crewmate to come by. Kill them to prevent the body from being reported.

Don’t use this strategy too much, as you’ll be noticed as absent for a majority of the time.

  • Watch out for the cameras.

In maps with cameras, you can tell if someone is using them when they glow red.  Avoid killing when you know someone is keeping tabs on others.

Simply avoid suspicion by entering and leaving the area like a Crewmate. Venting away will immediately cause the person watching to be suspicious.

  • Work with the other Impostor.

You may or may not know what they’re thinking, but you can definitely try to vouch for them if you’ve passed each other. You can also tell what kind of strategy they’re going for.

Working separately will grant you different alibis to keep both of you safe. But when the round is nearing the end, you can coordinate a double kill to secure the victory. This is often done through sabotages.

  • Kill wisely.

Try to eliminate the most trusted Crewmates in the round. Once they’re gone, fewer people are willing to trust each other. You can take advantage of this panic to kill more without being detected.

Some tasks can’t be faked, so anyone who has completed them should die as soon as possible. On the contrary, anyone considered suspicious should be spared for a little while. This will cause even more chaos, especially when everyone is panicking.

  • Learn how the game works.

By knowing how the game works intimately, you’ll eventually figure out the best ways to kill. Study the maps intently and plan for the future. Don’t be closed to improvisation though.

The best spots to kill should be practiced as much as possible. Never forget to seize opportunities to try out various strategies as well.

  • Keep tabs on everyone.

Always have a mental note on where everyone is at any given time. This can let you anticipate outcomes when you kill. You can even use this knowledge to frame others if they happened to be close by.

Knowing the whereabouts of the Crewmates and maybe the other Impostor will always be useful. Plan and think of some backup strategies just in case.

  • Pretending to be AFK?

It’s not the best strategy, but you can try it for some laughs. Pretend to be away from the keyboard and then kill someone nearby. Go back to where you were.

While not everyone will buy the strategy, you can try to convince them. Don’t kill the first one that comes by. Wait for some witnesses to vouch for you.

Among Us Imposter Strategy FAQs

What Are the Best Ways to Blend In as the Impostor in Among Us?

The best ways are to pretend you’re completing tasks, entering and exiting rooms manually, and voting with the crowd. These are the easiest ways to blend in. Practiced Impostors are almost impossible to detect if no one is paying close attention.

How Do You Trick Your Friends as an Impostor in Among Us?

If you’re playing with friends, you can try more misdirection. If you know of a weakness you have, turn it around into a strength. Try to be as transparent as possible without revealing you’re an Impostor.

You can also cast blame on others. If your friends tend to trust you, they might fall for it. Watch their reactions when you win the game.

Who’s Sus, Me, or Him?

Now that you know some Impostor tricks, you’ll find winning a lot easier. These tricks have been tried and tested. Of course, you should be able to improvise when things fall apart.

What’s your favorite strategy? Do you have the funniest kill as an Impostor? Let us know down below.

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