How to Get a Wraith Knife in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale game full of interesting surprises. Besides having a huge map, which is excellent for this game mode, Apex Legends hides lots of rare and exclusive items for players to find.

How to Get a Wraith Knife in Apex Legends

Some items are easier to find than others, but all of them are definitely worth the search. One of those rare items is the Wraith Knife, also known as the Wraith Kunai.

Not only does the knife look fabulous, but it is an item that almost every Wraith main would want to get their hands on. This article will show you everything about the Wraith Knife and how you can acquire it.

What Is the Wraith Knife?

The Wraith Knife is one of the most beautiful melee weapon skins for Wraith mains. Since this knife is essentially just a cosmetic item, it does not affect the gameplay once it’s equipped.

In other words, the Wraith Knife inflicts the same damage as the regular knife. Its only purpose is to make the regular knife look much cooler. Truth to be told, this knife skin completes its purpose completely. You can see for yourself on the image below.


How to Get the Wraith Knife?

Acquiring the Wraith Knife is not an easy task to accomplish. According to Respawn, the company behind Apex Legends, the probability of unlocking the Wraith Knife is less than 1%.


Since the Wraith Knife is a part of the Heirloom set, you can only unlock it by opening Apex Packs. If you’re in luck and your Apex Pack does contain the Wraith Knife, you will also receive two other Heirlooms alongside it. The additional Heirlooms are the Banner Pose and the Intro Quip.

how to get a wraith knife

To put things into perspective, for every 500 Apex Packs that you open, only one of them could contain the Heirloom set.

With that in mind, the only way to unlock the Wraith Knife skin is to open as much Apex Packs as you possibly can and hope for the best. Your chances are extremely thin if you’re not willing to spend money on Apex Packs. The following section will show you why.

How to Acquire Apex Packs?

Apex Packs are given as rewards for reaching new levels in Apex Legends. From level 1 to 100, you can earn a total of 45 Apex Packs.

How frequently you get Apex Packs drops depends on the level you are at:

a) Level 1 to 20: One pack per level

b) Level 23 to 45: One pack on every two levels

c) Level 50 to 100: One pack on every five levels

The probability of receiving a rare item is 100%, while the probability of receiving epic and legendary items stands at 24.8% and 7.4% respectively.

As you can see, getting free Apex Packs is a very slow process and the chances of obtaining the Wraith Knife actually decrease as you level up.. That brings us to the second way of getting Apex Packs, which is buying them online.

NOTE: Apex Packs only offer cosmetic items. That means that none of the items you receive in a pack can improve your in-game stats and give you an edge over other players.

Is Wraith Knife Worth Buying Apex Packs?

A simple calculation will answer if buying Apex Packs is worth this ultra-rare skin. Here’s what we know so far.

You need 500 Apex Packs to even hope to find the Heirloom set. The Heirloom set contains the Wraith Knife skin you’re looking for. For 500 Apex Packs, you will need 50,000 Apex Coins.

Since the biggest coin pack that you can buy has 11,500 coins (costs $100), you will need to buy four of those. After that, you need to buy one 4,350 coin pack ($35) to get to a total of 50,000 Apex Coins.

When you add the expenses together, the total amount you need to pay for 50,000 Apex Coins is $435.

That means that you’ll have to pay $435 and the Wraith Knife still won’t be guaranteed. You may or may not find it in one of those Apex Packs.

As we’ve already mentioned, the Wraith Knife doesn’t make any difference in-game and doesn’t add to your stats. Therefore, spending all that money for cosmetic skin doesn’t seem worth it, but the decision is entirely up to you.

apex legends

Good Luck Finding Rare Apex Legends Items

To sum it up, the only way to acquire the Wraith Knife skin is by opening Apex Packs. This item is extremely difficult to find, so you’ll need to be very lucky even if you’re buying the packs.

With that in mind, our advice is to enjoy the journey and open as much Apex Packs as you can. Who knows how many other items you might find while searching for the coveted knife.

Have you ever bought Apex Packs online? Are you willing to buy them for the Wraith Knife? Tell us in the comments section below.

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