iPhone 7 deals: Where to get the cheapest iPhone 7

So you’re after an iPhone 7? That leads us to the obvious question: are there any deals that mean I can get it as cheaply as possible? If you’re undeterred by Apple’s culling of the headphone port, and are eager to try out the new handset’s dramatically improved camera, you’ll want to know where to get to get the best deal possible for the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Below we’ve covered iPhone 7 payment schemes from the leading retailers, for both up-front costs and monthly contracts. We’ve also included a rolling monthly contract from Giffgaff – unlike a fixed-term contract, this means you can downgrade or abandon the contract when you like. 

Update: Since we first wrote this, a number of interesting deals with no upfront costs have emerged. They’re still not exactly what you’d call cheap, but if paying a bit more per month and getting a phone free-of-charge today appeals to you, then they’re definitely worth considering. Head over to Smart Phone Company, where you can currently buy an iPhone 7 for £40.99 per month from EE (including 10GB of data) or £42 per month from Vodafone (with 6GB data). These are both 24 month contracts, and will add up to £986.76 and £1,008 respectively, but it still beats some of the offers we found direct from the networks, outlined further down the page. 

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: Apple’s iPhone Payments scheme

Contract deals are available from every major network now, but you can find a table telling you how much the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are going to cost SIM-free below. Bear in mind, though, that if you have your eye on the shiny Jet Black models, you’ll have to budget for a 128GB model – Apple isn’t making a 32GB version of the new iPhone in its fancy-looking polished finish. And if you’re expecting to get any discounts on the RRP, your best (and only) bet is to try and find some cashback deals via the usual suspects such as Quidco.

If you’re wondering how much storage you need in your iPhone 7, then the choice is a little easier than last year. Apple’s decision to bump the storage from 16GB to 32GB on the base iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models means that you won’t run out of storage in ten minutes flat, so opting for the cheapest 32GB models is no longer something you’ll instantly regret. That said, the price differential between the 32GB and 128GB models really isn’t that big if you look at the overall cost – for instance, it’s only £100 if you buy the phone outright, and quadrupling your storage on a contract deal will only cost around £120, or £5 a month over a 24 month contract. Think carefully before taking the plunge.


iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Plus










Can’t afford to splurge all that cash in one go? Then you’ll want to take advantage of Apple’s iPhone Payments scheme. You can’t get this online, but wander into an Apple Store and you can split your payments for a new iPhone over 20 months on an interest free basis. You’ll need all your personal details to hand, including your home addresses for the last three years, your bank account number and sort code, and a valid photo ID such as a UK driving license or passport. 

PRICES (per month, over 20 months)

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Plus










iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: Contract deals

Now the iPhone 7 has been out for a few months there are some great deals that you can get your hands on. If you want a decent tariff (upwards of 3GB of data as a bare minimum) you’ll be able to get one for £30.99 per month from iD – and that’s if you’re willing to pay several hundred pounds for the handset up front. Tempted to opt for a super-cheap tariff with 2GB data or less? Don’t be. You’ll end up paying through the nose every time you go over your allowance, and you’ll save no more than around £50 over the whole 24 month contract period. It’s not worth it.

The cheapest iPhone 7 deal we’ve seen in the UK: Vodafone

Vodafone has had some cracking SIM-only deals in recent months, and now it’s done it again with its range of iPhone 7 deals. Save £10 on the upfront cost with code 10OFF, making it just £65. You’ll then get the 5GB contract half price for 6 months, which means paying just £17 per month for that time! Which is virtually daylight robbery. The price then goes back up to £34 – which is still pretty good in our eyes. It works out as by far the cheapest 5GB iPhone 7 deal. So if you’re a data junkie, this is the deal for you. Total cost over 24 months is £779.

Check out the table below for Vodafone’s 30GB deals. Click here to go to get Vodafone’s great iPhone 7 deal from Mobiles.co.uk

Vodafone Deals20GB data, unltd mins/texts, 4GB roaming, 2 year sub to Now TV/Spotify/Sky Sports Mobile
HandsetMonthly costUpfront costTotal cost
iPhone 7 32GB£53£30£1,302
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB£58£60£1,452
iPhone 7 128GB£58£50£1,442
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB£63£50£1,562

Best iPhone 7 deal for early upgraders: O2

O2’s deals are little pricier than most, but look to its 30GB tariffs and you get a worthwhile variety of perks. For instance, 02 Refresh give you the option to upgrade free of charge in 12 months. If you’re already thinking about how awesome the iPhone 8 is going to be, and don’t want to get stung for upgrading early like you do with other networks, then it’s well worth paying the premium. To sweeten the deal, the 30GB tariffs also included unlimited music streaming, so any data used by music services such as Spotify and Tidal won’t end up whittling down your data allowance.

Check out the table below for O2’s 30GB deals. And in case you’re wondering: you can drop the monthly tariffs by £5 a month if you add another £120 to the upfront cost, but it’ll cost you exactly the same over the 24 month period. Click here to go to O2’s site and grab yourself an iPhone 7 now. 

O2 Deals30GB data, unlimited calls/texts, Free O2 Travel , Unlimited music streaming, Yearly upgrade programme
HandsetMonthly costUpfront costTotal cost
iPhone 7 32GB£60£60£1,500
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB£65£70£1,630
iPhone 7 128GB£65£60£1,620
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB£70£70£1,750

Best iPhone 7 deal with a rolling monthly contract: giffgaff

When it comes to cheap phone deals, giffgaff is a familiar face. You have the choice of buying the phone upfront and grabbing a SIM-only deal, or you can spread the cost of the phone over two years with monthly payments (much like a regular contract) in addition to one of its goodybags. 

We’ve tallied up the prices for giffgaff’s £20-per-month all-you-can-eat goodybag, and you’ll find all the details below. Bear in mind, though, that this is a rolling monthly contract, so you’re free to downgrade to a cheaper tariff or abandon giffgaff completely if you want to. Click here to go to Giffgaff’s site and grab an iPhone 7 now.

giffgaff DealsUnlimited data, texts and minutes
HandsetUpfront costMonthly Goodybag costTotal cost
iPhone 7 32GB£599£20£1,079
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB£719£20£1,199
iPhone 7 128GB£699£20£1,179
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB£819£20£1,299

It’s no surprise to find that (as you can see from the table above) stumping up for an iPhone 7 outright and pairing it with a SIM-only plan is the cheapest option, and this saves around £100 over the course of two years. If you can’t find £600 in the kitty, then (as you can see from the table below) you’re far better off taking advantage of Apple’s iPhone Payments scheme and grabbing one of giffgaff’s SIM-only deals to use with it.

giffgaff DealsUnlimited data, texts and minutes
HandsetUpfront / Monthly costMonthly Goodybag costTotal cost
iPhone 7 32GB£25 + £28.47pm£20£1,188
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB£25 + £34.42pm£20£1,331
iPhone 7 128GB£25 + £33.42pm£20£1,307
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB£25 + £39.37pm£20£1,449

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