Apple iPhone 8/8+ – How to Block Text Messages

Texting is an important part of our interpersonal relationships. It even has a role in our professional correspondence.

Apple iPhone 8/8+ - How to Block Text Messages

This is part of why it’s so irritating to deal with junk texts. These messages are nothing more than an unwanted distraction and blocking them makes it much easier to browse your inbox.

Let’s look at some ways to block texts on the iPhone 8/8+.

How to Block a Sender from the Messages App

To block unwanted messages, follow these steps:

Go into the Messages App

You can open this app from your home screen.

Find a Conversation with the Person You Want to Block

Tap on the Information Icon

Select the Sender’s Name or Phone Number

Scroll Down to Select “Block the Caller”

After this, you will stop receiving notifications if the person messages you.

How to Block/Unblock a Sender from Settings

There is another easy way to block the number that was sending you unwelcome messages.

Go into Settings

Select Messages

Select Blocked

Tap on Add New

From here, you can add contacts to your block list.

This is also where you unblock people. To remove someone from your personal block list, select the minus sign next to their name or number. After that, select Unblock to confirm.

How to Block Messages from an Unknown Sender

It is easy to block texts if the sender keeps using the same phone number. But in some cases, you might prefer to block any messages sent from an unknown phone number.

Follow these steps to block all unknown senders:

Open the Messages App

Select Settings

Find “Filter Unknown Senders”

Set the Toggle to On

Does a Blocked Sender Know That They’ve Been Blocked?

Blocking people can lead to uncomfortable situations, especially if the person sending you messages finds out that you opted never to read them.

You should keep in mind that Apple’s Messages app sends and receives both SMS/MMS and iMessages. While SMS and MMS messages use your data plan, iMessages use only your wifi. Now, if the text arrived in SMS/MMS form, the sender has no way of knowing that you blocked them. However, if they used the iMessages function, they might notice that their message wasn’t delivered. This is a fairly subtle hint, though, and can easily go unnoticed.

Other Options

You have a few more options when it comes to getting rid of unwanted texts.

For example, you can opt for third-party apps that allow you to filter messages to suit your needs. You can also contact your carrier and ask them if they offer filters to help you avoid receiving spam.

Additionally, iMessage users can report spam to Apple. While this doesn’t automatically block the sender, it helps Apple create an efficient block list.

A Final Thought

The blocking feature isn’t just for dealing with spam messages. There are personal situations, such as breakups, that are easier to deal with if you can block texts from a particular person.

Additionally, blocking is important to anyone who has to deal with harassment. If this is the case for you, you should document all the unwelcome messages you have received. It’s important to collect proof of your situation before you start blocking.

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