Apple iPhone 8/8+ – How to Move Files to PC

The iPhone 8 and 8+ both come in 64GB and 256GB versions.

Apple iPhone 8/8+ - How to Move Files to PC

If you plan on creating a large number of photos, you should consider the 256GB version. However, many people choose against it to avoid paying extra. Instead, they try to make do with 64GB, only to realize that the actual storage space is less than that. It doesn’t help that some of the phone’s capacity gets used up by apps.

So for many iPhone 8/8+ users, the best option is to store some media files elsewhere. If you’re one of them, you can use the iTunes app to move your data to your computer.

iTunes and Authorization

iTunes makes it easier to transfer data between Apple devices, but you can also use it on your PC.

While a Mac comes with iTunes pre-installed, PC users have to download it from Microsoft. On the bright side, this app is free for everybody.

After you get the iTunes app from the Microsoft Store, simply agree to installation and launch the app when you are done.

Now it’s a good idea to authorize your PC. This means letting your computer access all the data you purchased through the Apple Store.

This helps simplify the file transfer process. For example, instead of transferring a song you purchased on your phone, you can simply open it from your PC.

To authorize your computer, follow these steps:

Click on Account

Select Authorizations

Select “Authorize This Computer”

It’s important to note that you can’t authorize more than five devices at the same time.

Enter Your Apple ID and Password

After this, your computer can access every file that you purchased through your Apple ID. But this doesn’t mean you have access to all the data on your phone. To make a complete transfer, you will need to use a USB cable.

Using iTunes to Transfer Your Files to Your PC

Before you start the file transfer, make sure you’re using the newest version of iTunes. Additionally, the software on your iPhone 8/8+ has to be updated. Then, you can start transferring files.

Open iTunes on Your PC

Connect your iPhone 8/8+ with a USB Cable

On Your Computer, Click on the Device Icon

Look for an icon shaped like an iPhone. When you click on this, iTunes will open a sidebar on the left-hand side of the screen.

Select File Sharing on the Sidebar

Select One of the Listed Apps

iTunes lists the phone apps you can use to transfer files.

On the Right, Select the Files You Want to Transport

You can easily browse the files and folders on your phone. In addition to your photos and videos, you can transfer music files, books, movies, and other downloaded documents. Furthermore, you can also back up your contacts and other personal data.

To Transfer a File, Click on “Save to”

This lets you choose a location on your computer for the transferred files.

This transfer method isn’t unique to PC computers. Mac users can follow all the same steps.

A Final Word

File transfers aren’t just useful when you’re short on storage space.

You have more editing options on your PC than on your phone. In many cases, transfer is important because you want to make something new out of your files. Most iPhone users thus need to regularly transfer their photos and recordings to a computer.

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