Apple iPhone 8/8+ – How to Turn Off Autocorrect

Although autocorrect has its uses, it is still far from perfect. It can change an innocent typo into a glaringly inappropriate word and lead to embarrassing situations in your personal life. If you use your phone for official correspondences, you simply cannot risk a rude autocorrect fail.

Apple iPhone 8/8+ - How to Turn Off Autocorrect

Here you’ll find out how to get rid of these features on your iPhone 8/8+.

Autocorrect on the iPhone 8/8+

iOS 11 is pre-installed on both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8+.

This operating system introduced some interface changes to Apple phones and came with a few convenient new features. However, the iOS 11 had a number of annoying bugs when it was first released. What’s more, some upgrades made those bugs even worse.

The most notable bugs this OS had were related to typing.

For example, one update had a keyboard glitch. Some users experienced that the keyboard replaced the letter “I” with “A”. Needless to say, it wasn’t possible to type under these circumstances.

In a subsequent release, Apple solved this typing problem but introduced another one. In the iOS 11.1.2 release, autocorrect malfunctioned. When a user typed the word “it”, it got changed into the acronym “I.T.” instead.

Future software upgrades might bring new problems, so your best bet is to type with care. If there’s any kind of problem, turn off autocorrect or the other predictive text features.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Turning off Autocorrect

Here is how you can disable this feature on your iPhone 8 or 8+.

1. Select Settings from Your Home Screen

2. Scroll Down to the General Settings Section

Now tap on General Settings.

3. Select Keyboard

There are many different options under Keyboard. You want to scroll down to Autocorrect.

4. Turn Off Autocorrect

This option comes with an on/off toggle. Simply make sure it’s switched off. Your phone won’t be making any more changes in the words that you type and autocorrect fails will no longer be an issue.

Other Typing-Related Options

Autocorrect isn’t the only possible source of annoyance for iPhone 8/8+ users. Let’s look at other features that you can find under Settings > General Settings > Keyboard.

First, you can switch to a third-party keyboard app by tapping on keyboards. If you’re looking for a more trustworthy autocorrect option, this could be a good idea.

Turning on one-handed typing can be very convenient, while the Text Replacement option lets you create custom shortcuts when you type.

There are some other options that you can switch on or off to determine how much control you’ll have over your typing. For example:

Auto Capitalization

This affects the opening word of your sentences, as well as the pronoun “I”, but might interfere with your no-caps writing style.


Predictive text doesn’t make any unauthorized changes when you type. Instead, it suggests words you can tap on. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to select a word by accident. To be on the safe side, you can turn this off too.

Smart Punctuation

This feature can improve your punctuation. For example, two hyphens in a row get turned into an em-dash. However, if you write code on your phone, this can cause problems.

A Final Word

Getting rid of autocorrect can be a huge relief. Other smart typing tools can be inconvenient too. Turning every option off allows you to take control of your own messages.

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