The best 10 apps to download in today’s iTunes App Sale

The iTunes store has an impressive range of apps for your iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch, and Apple has just slashed the price on hundreds of them. Whether you want an entertaining game for the commute, a great app to increase your productivity, or a powerful photo editor, you can now get one for the bargain price of 79p. But which ones are worth downloading? Here’s our guide to the best deals in today’s app sale.

The best 10 apps to download in today’s iTunes App Sale

1. Pixelmator 79p


Pixelmator for iPhone or iPad brings all the power of the desktop version to your iOS device. Featuring a range of brushes, layer functions, filters and tools you’d usually expect to find on a desktop app, Pixelmator has everything you’d want to touch-up your photos. What’s more, the app is optimised for touchscreens – so it’s easy to use, too. 2014’s app of the year was a steal at $4.99, and for 79p it’s now an essential download.

2. Scanner Pro 6 79p


Scanner Pro 6 is a powerful tool for keeping track of receipts or documents, and works by turning your iPhone into a handy, portable scanner. After lining up the documents you want to scan on your viewfinder, the app captures and converts them into PDFs. From there it’s possible to export your scanned documents to a range of applications, including Evernote, OneNote and Google Drive.

3. WeatherPro 79p


Apple’s pre-installed weather app is acceptable, but if you want to get a better insight, it’s worth investing in WeatherPro. Created by MeteoGroup, Europe’s leading private weather company, WeatherPro delivers accurate, detailed information to your iPad, iPhone – and even your Apple Watch. Featuring data on everything from wind speed to humidity and pressure, WeatherPro is one of the most immersive weather apps you can get.

4. AirPano Travel Book 79p


AirPano Travel Book transports iPad and iPhone users to some of the planet’s most spectacular locations, including Niagara Falls, the Taj Mahal and Las Vegas. Each location is captured in an aerial 360 degree panorama, so viewers can rotate the image, change the field of view – and even focus on particular parts of a scene. Whether it’s sandy beaches, volcanic eruptions, or European capital cities, AirPano has them all – in crystal-clear quality.

5. Badland 79p


Although released in 2013, Badland is still a great game for your iPhone or iPad. Combining some of the best visuals you’ll see in the app store with seriously immersive gameplay, Frogmind’s app has already attracted over 20 million players. Complete with ten co-op missions for up to four players – and 30 single missions – Badland gives you hours of fun for a measly 79p.

6. Slow Shutter Cam 79p


Slow Shutter Cam turns your iPhone into a powerful photography device, and lets you take a range of unique, timelapse-style pictures. Made by Cogitap Software, the app works by slowing down your iPhone camera’s shutter speed to give your photos a unique, blurred effect. What’s more, Slow Shutter Cam features a range of settings that make it easier to capture the perfect shot.

7. Feed Me Oil 2 79p


Feed me Oil 2 is one of the most surreal games in the app store, and combines enchanting looks with mind-bending puzzles. Players must channel oil into a range of bizarre creatures, and it’s just as fun as it sounds. The oil moves realistically, while a range of accurate effects including air, water, windmills, fire and ice complicate things further.

8. Limbo 79p


A striking game for your Apple tablet and smartphone, Limbo demonstrates the true potential of mobile gaming. The story follows the journey of a boy looking for his sister, and features one-of-a-kind visuals that echo the work of Tim Burton. Dark, fun and full of atmosphere, every iPhone and iPad owner has to experience Limbo. Be warned: the app isn’t compatible with anything older than an iPad 2, iPhone 4S or 5th gen iPod touch.

9. Faded – Photo Editor 79p


A great alternative to Hipstamatic and Instagram, Faded features all the filters, effects and tools you’d expect from a photo app – plus it adds several more. Users are able to tweak their photos with effects such as light leaks, while split exposures and focus points add other elements to your favourite snaps. If you want your pictures to stand out from the crowd, Faded is a steal at 79p.

10. Blek 79p

blek One of the best game to be released this year, Blek is a deceptively simple yet highly addictive puzzler. The premise is simple – players must draw a line that collects coloured circles while avoiding black ones – but the result is stunning. Add visuals that make you feel as though you’re creating modern art, and Blek is an essential download.

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