Did HTC REALLY copy Apple’s classic “1984” ad?

Apple’s “1984” advert for the original Macintosh (as it was then) is widely-regarded as one of the classic pieces of advertising. Directed by Ridley Scott, it features a blonde athelete striking a blow for freedom against an oppressive regime where everyone looks and acts the same.

Fast forward to now, and HTC’s latest ad for the HTC One A9 features a young, athletic man striking a blow for freedom against an oppressive society where everyone looks pretty-much the same. So you can see how some people might decide that HTC is guilty of, well, a bit of copying

However, we think different. First of all, let’s familiarise ourselves with the magnificent original.

Great, isn’t it? You can see why it was named the “Best Superbowl Spot Ever” in 2007, and there haven’t been many other ads to match it since.

Now take a look at HTC’s “Be Brilliant” ad for the HTC One A9.

Yes, there are some similarities. But claiming that it’s a “copy” is stretching it much too far. We did, though, like the moment when he kicked the white Apples off the table, obviously symbolising how all Apples are the same and if you want to stand out from the crowd you need an HTC One A9. I’ve been in creative meetings where those kinds of ideas happen. The moment when the now-free girl looks adoringly in his direction was probably laying it on a little thickly, guys.

So no, we don’t think that HTC has really copied Apple on this one. The phone itself be just a little bit similar, but as Steve Jobs once said, “good artists copy, great artists steal”.

And as a special bonus, here’s our favourite technology advert ever, courtesy of Samsung.


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