Apple’s keynote gets torn apart in Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest Grimsby trailer

Sacha Baron Cohen may be known best for playing Borat and Ali G, but in a new promotion of his upcoming film Grimsby (or The Brothers Grimsby in the States) he takes on Apple’s Jony Ive.

The promo plays out as a satire of an Apple keynote event, complete with pointless benchmark comparisons and rapturous applause from the audience. Cohen has nailed his Ive impression, mimicking his intonation almost perfectly and even doing pieces to camera in an all-white room.

Upon unveiling Grimsby’s protagonist “The Nobby”, Cohen states that “with The Nobby we’ve built a character with 12% more likeability than even the Borat, and made him 15% more idiotic than the Ali G.”

It’s fantastic to hear the absurdist marketing language Apple uses applied to a non-technological product too, with Cohen dryly stating “The Brothers Grimsby has a plot 15% thinner than any of our competitors.

“It’s actually the smallest and lightest and most confusing plot that’s ever been released from a major studio.”

Trust me, if you’ve ever seen an Apple conference and rolled your eyes at how cultish and tiresome they can be, you’ll love every minute of this trailer.

As you may have guessed, the full video is a tad NSFW, but you can watch it below if you’d like to see it in full.

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