This iPhone and Android app lets you play golf in the middle of a city

I’m not a fan of golf – the only “tee” I’m aware of comes in bags, and if someone told me they had played a bogey I’d hand them a tissue. No, golf just isn’t for me. But, if you do love golf, Dell’s new Play Through app is, quite literally, right up your street.

As part of the World Golf Championships-Dell Match Play, Dell decided it was time to bring golf into the streets and let Match Play users play golf while exploring Austin, Texas in the process. Integrated with Foursquare, Dell Play Through brings up local cafes, restaurants and landmarks as you play your way through the city.

In what may have seemed like a nice touch – but I feel is just asking for users to fling phones down busy streets – you can hit your virtual golf ball by swinging your phone like a real club. If you’d rather be more cautious, you can select lie angles, irons and take your swing by just swiping on your phone’s screen instead.

If you happen to be in Austin, Dell has nine holes for you to sink virtual balls into and you can even take to Facebook to challenge your friends.

Currently there’s no word from Dell about taking its Play Through app and tech to other cities. We hope that – as with Pokémon Go – we’ll be able to romp around London smashing virtual golf balls down incredibly busy roads and daring to take a shot from a sand trap located on Old Street roundabout.

You can see how Dell built Play Through in the video below.

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