WWDC 2016 as it happened: iOS 10, macOS, tvOS and watchOS ALL get a major update

Apple updated is entire software suite at WWDC 2016 in its livliest keynote ever.

Thomas McMullan
13 Jun 2016

Right, that's your lot. There was a huge amount to get through at WWDC 2016 tonight. Below is a very quick snapshot of what Apple went through tonight. Incredible really. 

It's obvious that this was the WWDC where Apple listened to its customers and learned from its competitors. The result was a really strong software suite across four different hardware device.

WWDC 2016: iOS 10 (19:40 - Time)

Lock Screen

  • Redesigned the Lock Screen
  • iOS wakes up to phone movement
  • Interact with Notification using 3D Touch
  • Slide from the right to access Camera
  • Slide from the left to access widgets


  • Siri open to developers and third parties


  • Rich links now in messages. You can see the web page you're linking to.
  • 3x bigger emojis
  • Emoji predictions


  • New app called “Home”. Shows all the accessories in your home i.e. security camera. 
  • Set up automation with things like Geofencing
  • Home control on Apple Watch too

Apple News

  • Over 2,000 publications
  • 60m+ monthly users.
  • All new design.
  • Top stories. Trending. Topics.
  • Featured stories chosen by editors.
  • Subscriptions.
  • Breaking news notifications.


  • Voicemail transcription 
  • Screen scanning


  • Face recognition comes to the iPhone. Computing done on the iPhone itself
  • Search for photos based on features in a picture
  • Photos becomes a lot like Google Photos in terms of intelligent search

Apple Music

  • Apple Maps allows third-party access
  • Apple Music redesigned from the ground up
  • Ok, things just went a little crazy then. The short story is that Apple Music is a lot better, and a lot more like Spotify. The longer story is that Bozoma Saint John, who presented Apple Music's new features, was great - and just stole the show.

WWDC 2016: Swift Playground

  • Coding made simple for kids

WWDC 2016: OS X is no more - Long live macOS! (18:38 - UK Time)

  • OS X is gone. Replaced with macOS. I like it.
  • New OS is called macOS Sierra
  • Unlock you Max with you Apple Watch. At last.
  • Universal clipboard - copy and paste cross device
  • iCloud Drive will now make macOS desktop files available online (and your iPhone)
  • Apple Pay comes to the web - pay with iPhone/Apple Watch TouchID + Continuity
  • Siri is on the Mac. FINALLY.

WWDC 2016: tvOS has 1300 video channels (18:31 - UK Time)

  • tvOS has 1300 video channels and 600 apps
  • New version of the Remote App - has all the features of the Siri remote. Huge news.
  • "Siri enhancements" (I missed a lot of this bit)
  • Single sign-on (see tweet below)
  • Automatic app syncing. Download an app on your iPhone and a compatible tvOS app will download on your Apple TV.

WWDC 2016: watchOS software updates (18:21 - UK Time)

  • So, the first news re watchOS is that it's faster. 7x faster, in fact [this gets a big applause from the stalls].
  • Next up is a nod to Android Wear with handwriting recognition. 
  • The biggest cheer of the night (so far) goes to Minnie Mouse. She joins Micky as a watch face. Er...
  • There's new SOS feature for emergencies. It links to your medical information and has the ability to be potentially life saving. 
  • New activity tracking feature calibrated for wheelchair users.
  • Breath is a new app for the Apple Watch that is designed to help you deal with stress better. It's been backed by an actual doctor, so it must be good.
  • More to follow...

Tim Cook's intro (18:09 - UK Time)

It was brief from Tim, but he promised a lot. He confirmed that we're going to see new features launch for all four major Apple OS'. watchOS, tvOS, iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 Fuji.

A moment's silence for the Orlando victims (18:01 - UK Time)

Ok, and we're off. Tim Cook starts the conference with a moment's silence for the Orlando victims. Classy.


Apple’s opening keynote starts at 6pm (UK Time). You can watch the event on Apple's dedicated WWDC page, or via the WWDC app.

If that doesn't work, don't worry: we'll also be covering the events in our live blog right here, and on our Twitter account.

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